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Getting Started

React has revolutionized the world of web and mobile app development, allowing developers to create seamless, high-performance, and responsive user interfaces. Now, it’s time to bring those skills to the Celo blockchain and build web and mobile decentralized applications (dApps) that empower users and drive financial inclusion. In this post, we’ll explore how to use React to develop dApps on the Celo platform, harnessing the power of available components and libraries to create outstanding user experiences.

Pathway Overview

Before beginning, take a moment to understand the potential of React in developing decentralized applications (dApps), explore the pathway objectives, and identify the audience and value of this curriculum. While a basic understanding of blockchain, React, and Celo can be beneficial, your curiosity and eagerness to learn are the most crucial prerequisites.

What is React for Blockchain?

React, combined with blockchain technologies like Celo, is revolutionizing the world of decentralized application (dApp) development. It enables developers to build seamless, high-performance, and responsive user interfaces, thus driving financial inclusion and empowerment for users.

What Will You Learn?

Our React for Blockchain pathway is divided into four key sections, each designed to build your knowledge and understanding incrementally:

  • Using Celo-specific React Libraries: Learn how to utilize libraries like react-celo, which provide a set of React hooks and components to easily interact with the Celo blockchain and handle tasks such as connecting to wallets, querying account balances, and sending transactions.
  • Smart Contract Interaction: Understand how to use the Web3.js library to interact with smart contracts deployed on the Celo network. This enables your React app to send transactions, query data, and listen for events.
  • UI Components: Leverage popular component libraries like Material-UI, or Ant Design to create visually appealing and responsive interfaces for your dApp.
  • Integration with Celo Wallets: Learn to integrate your dApp with popular Celo wallets like Valora or Celo Wallet by implementing wallet connection functionality and deep linking, which allows for seamless transactions and a smooth user experience.
Who is this for?

Whether you’re a blockchain enthusiast, a web developer keen on understanding React for dApps, or just someone curious about the new wave of dApp development, this curriculum offers something for you. The only prerequisite is a willingness to learn!

What's the value?

Understanding React for dApp development is a leap towards the future of decentralized applications. By the end of this curriculum, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the principles of dApp development with React, its potential for disruption, and practical knowledge of its application on the Celo platform.


Before starting with the React for dApps Curriculum, you should have a basic understanding of the following topics:

  1. Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: Understand blockchain technology and its use in cryptocurrencies. Familiarity with terms such as decentralization, peer-to-peer networks, consensus mechanisms (e.g., Proof of Work, Proof of Stake) will be beneficial.
  2. Smart Contracts: Get acquainted with the concept of smart contracts and their role in blockchain. Knowledge of how smart contracts work, their use cases, and advantages will be useful.
  3. Basics of React: Familiarity with the fundamentals of React, including components, hooks, and state management, is essential for this curriculum.
  4. Familiarity with Celo: Understanding of the Celo platform and its native tokens (Celo Dollar and Celo Gold) can provide useful context.
  5. Programming Knowledge: As this curriculum is developer-oriented, you should be comfortable with programming concepts and languages, specifically JavaScript or TypeScript, which are commonly used with React.

Remember, while these prerequisites are useful, they are not strictly necessary. This curriculum aims to break down complex topics into easy-to-understand content. All that’s required is a strong curiosity and a willingness to learn.

Pathway Opportunities

Discover exciting career opportunities and accelerate your professional growth through prestigious certifications. Broaden your skills, advance your career, and stay ahead in the fast-paced tech industry.


The rapid adoption of dApp development with React and blockchain technologies like Celo has resulted in numerous career opportunities in the field. As the sector continues to innovate and grow, professionals who understand these technologies can leverage their skills and knowledge to excel in a multitude of domains.

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Our program is designed to support your journey towards various dApp development certifications. It provides comprehensive knowledge and resources necessary to successfully achieve certifications and reinforce your understanding of decentralized application development.

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For a rewarding learning experience, our pathway support includes diverse career opportunities in the thriving field of dApp development, real-time chat support to guide you through complex concepts, and comprehensive resources to help you achieve various certifications. Let’s embark on this exciting journey into the world of decentralized applications together!

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React for Blockchain Development Syllabus

Getting Started with Celo

Learn the foundations of blockchain technology and the Celo platform.

Celo Basics
Begin your journey into the world of blockchain development with introductions and fundamental concepts.

Blockchain Concepts

Understanding blockchain concepts is crucial for developing on Celo. This section explores important concepts related to ERC standards, which are widely used in the Ethereum ecosystem and are relevant to smart contract development on Celo. It also delves into governance, giving you insights into how decisions are made within the Celo blockchain.

Overview of ERC Standards
Explores the widely adopted ERC standards in the Ethereum ecosystem, which are relevant for developing smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) on Celo using React.

Wallets & Payments

Wallets and payments play a significant role in the Celo ecosystem. This section focuses on different wallet options and their integration with Celo, empowering you to develop secure and user-friendly wallets for Celo-based applications. It also covers payment-related functionalities, enabling you to create seamless and secure transaction experiences on Celo using React.

Explore Celo Wallets
Guides you in understanding different wallet options and their integration with Celo, empowering you to build secure and user-friendly wallets for Celo-based dApps using React.

Getting Started with Metamask
Discover how to integrate and use Metamask with Celo.

Getting Started with Valora
Understand how to use Valora, a mobile-first wallet for Celo.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are the backbone of decentralized applications. In this section, you’ll learn the essentials of smart contract development on Celo. It covers topics such as creating and deploying smart contracts using React, as well as best practices for ensuring the security of your contracts.

Mastering Smart Contracts
Covers the fundamentals of smart contract development on Celo, empowering you to create and deploy React-powered smart contracts that interact with the Celo blockchain.

Secure your Smart Contracts
Focuses on best practices and techniques for enhancing the security of your React-based smart contracts on Celo, ensuring robustness and protection against vulnerabilities.

DApp Development

Decentralized application (dApp) development is a key focus of this section. It provides insights into building dApps on Celo using React, including frontend development strategies, tools, and frameworks. You’ll learn how to create engaging user interfaces and develop user-friendly experiences for your Celo-based dApps.

Develop dApps on Celo
Provides insights into developing decentralized applications (dApps) on Celo using React, covering essential concepts, tools, and techniques to create engaging and user-friendly dApps.

Front-End Development on Celo
Explores frontend development strategies, frameworks, and libraries relevant to building captivating user interfaces for React-based dApps on Celo.

Programming Languages

This section covers the programming languages relevant to Celo development. Solidity, the language used for writing smart contracts on Celo, is explored in detail. Additionally, JavaScript and TypeScript, commonly used in React development, are covered to enhance your skills as a React developer on the Celo platform.

Mastering Solidity
Introduces Solidity, the programming language used to write smart contracts on Celo. Gain proficiency in Solidity to develop robust and efficient React-based smart contracts on Celo.

Working with JavaScript
Covers JavaScript, a versatile language commonly used alongside React for frontend development on Celo. Master JavaScript to enhance your skills as a React developer on the platform.

Exploring React
As a React Native developer, mastering React lays a strong foundation for your mobile app development journey.

Implementing Typescript
Explores TypeScript, a statically typed superset of JavaScript, known for its enhanced tooling and type safety. Discover how TypeScript can enhance your React development experience on Celo.

Developer Tools

Developer tools are essential for efficient development workflows. This section focuses on tools such as Hardhat, a popular development environment for building, testing, and deploying smart contracts on Celo. It also introduces ContractKit, which provides a set of libraries and utilities to interact with Celo contracts, making your development process smoother and more streamlined.

Build dApps Using Remix
Unlock the power of Remix to build and deploy decentralized applications (dApps) on Celo with ease.

Navigating Hardhat
This is a comprehensive guide to using Hardhat for smart contract development, testing, and debugging, enabling you to work in a hassle-free development environment.

Build dApps Using Truffle
Explore Truffle, a popular development framework for Ethereum that can be used with Celo.

Using ContractKit
This is an overview of Celo’s main development library, ContractKit. This guide helps you understand how to effectively use ContractKit to interact with the Celo network, manage local keys, build transactions, and more. It’s a critical tool for your work on the Celo platform.


In summary, the React for Celo Developers Pathway covers all the essential aspects you need to kickstart your journey in Celo platform development. It provides you with an understanding of the core concepts, technical skills, and tools required to develop efficient, scalable, and secure decentralized applications (DApps). By following the provided resources and topics in each section, you will gain a comprehensive knowledge of Celo and the related tools, preparing you to become an accomplished Celo developer.