Rene Reinsberg Welcomes Celo Connect Attendees


In this video, we will provide a summary of the transcript titled “Rene Reinsberg Welcomes Celo Connect Attendees.” Rene Reinsberg, the speaker, welcomes the attendees to the Celo Connect event and expresses his excitement for the gathering. The tutorial will cover the main points discussed in the transcript and provide subheadings for easy navigation.

Opening Remarks

Rene Reinsberg starts with an enthusiastic greeting, addressing the attendees as “fellow family” and inquiring about their well-being. He acknowledges the absence of jet lag and playfully mentions the possibility of an echo. Rene acknowledges the two and a half years it took to organize the event and explains the decision to bring everyone together despite previous delays.

Significance of the Event

Rene emphasizes that the event is a significant moment for both the organizers and the attendees. He recognizes the Seller Foundation and the companies present, commending their years of dedicated work. Rene expresses his anticipation for the next two days and assures everyone that they are in for an enjoyable time.

Barcelona Blockchain Week

Rene mentions the Barcelona Blockchain Week and encourages attendees to visit the event’s website, He highlights the addition of more events to the schedule and acknowledges the positive response to the event’s advertisements at the airport, which generated excitement on Twitter.

Utilizing Social Media

Rene introduces the Celo Connect hashtag and encourages attendees to share their experiences using the hashtag. He believes that the Celo community does not do a sufficient job of showcasing their accomplishments and urges attendees to take this opportunity to highlight their work and projects.

Keynote Agenda

Rene outlines the agenda for the keynote speeches. He mentions that SAP will start by explaining the purpose and mission of the event, followed by Merrick, who will discuss why Celo is the best platform for achieving that mission. Finally, Rene himself will provide an update on the state of the ecosystem.

Appreciation and Future Plans

Rene expresses gratitude to the events team for organizing the gathering and acknowledges the beautiful venue where the event is taking place. He appreciates the choice of Barcelona as the host city, mentioning its connection to Celo. Additionally, he announces that they are open to nominations for the next Celo Connect city, specifically seeking cities with “cello” in their name.


We summarized Rene Reinsberg’s opening remarks at the Celo Connect event. Rene expressed his excitement for the gathering and emphasized the importance of the event for the Celo community. He encouraged attendees to participate in the Barcelona Blockchain Week and use the Celo Connect hashtag for social media posts. Rene outlined the keynote agenda and thanked the events team for their efforts. He also highlighted the significance of the event’s venue and invited nominations for the next Celo Connect city.