Reward Opportunities for Building a Bettter Celo Academy Together

Introducing Celo Academy Rewards

Celo Academy is a community-driven hub for learning and innovation in the blockchain and cryptocurrency arena. As part of our mission to foster a robust developer community within the Celo ecosystem, we offer a myriad of ways for you to contribute, learn, and grow with us. Here’s how:

Fostering Education through Content Creation

We believe that knowledge is a powerful tool, and sharing it amplifies its impact.

  • Priority Proposals (coming soon): Start creating tutorials or learning pathways right away that align with high-priority objectives set by the Celo Foundation or its partners. In line with our education value, your contributions will enable developers worldwide to build decentralized applications (DApps).
  • Voting Based Proposals: Propose your innovative ideas that align with our goals. If your proposals garner attention and align with our guidelines, you’ll be fostering community and innovation values, pushing forward the edges of what’s possible in the Celo ecosystem.
  • Share your Knowledge: Use our open platform to publish content on any topic you’re passionate about. Your expertise and insights will enrich our community, supporting our vision of becoming the primary educational hub in the Celo ecosystem. Sharing knowledge contributes to your potential recognition as a top contributor and may qualify you for top viewed tutorial rewards.

Elevating Standards through Content Reviews

Quality control is integral to our value of excellence. As a content reviewer, you’ll be instrumental in maintaining and enhancing the educational value of our platform:

  • Tutorial Reviews: Uphold the quality of educational content by reviewing projects created by other contributors. This supports our educational goal by ensuring information is accurate, up-to-date, and valuable.
  • Developer Project Reviews: Evaluate content submitted by developers seeking certification. By providing thoughtful feedback and mentorship, you’re supporting our goal of fostering a robust, skilled developer community and promoting earned certifications.

Broadening Reach and Engagement

Our success is measured not only by the quality of our content but also by its reach and impact:

  • Leaderboard Contributions: Making contributions earns you points on our leaderboard. Each week, the top contributors get the chance to expedite any of their proposals, fostering a dynamic, engaging community.
  • Tutorial Views: Drive engagement to your content - each week, the top five most viewed tutorials earn rewards. This initiative aligns with our goal of increasing unique website visitors and creating a diverse, active audience.

Role-Based Rewards: The Evolution of Celo Academy

Looking ahead to Season 14, we are excited to introduce role-based rewards. This aligns with our mission to nourish a robust developer community by offering incentives for contributions in areas like Community Engagement, Content and Learning Experience, Marketing and Outreach, and Partnerships and Collaborations.

Check out our Season 14 Goals to learn more

Join us on this Exciting Journey!

By participating in these initiatives, you can help us meet our goals, increasing unique website visitors, driving account creation, boosting earned certifications, and facilitating job placements in the Web3 ecosystem.

With your contributions, we can continue to foster a dynamic, inclusive community of adept developers who are defining the future of the digital economy with Celo.


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