Rewards for Top Viewed Tutorials at Celo Academy

Hello Celo Sages :mortar_board: :seedling:

We are thrilled to announce a new reward opportunity in recognition of the valuable contributions made by our Sage community members. The Celo Academy acknowledges your unrelenting efforts to share knowledge and nurture a thriving and collaborative ecosystem.

As part of our ongoing commitment to foster talent and reward hard work, we’re introducing an additional reward for the most engaging content. Each week, the top 5 most viewed tutorials will receive an extra 50 cUSD. This is a fantastic opportunity to augment your learning experience and share your expertise while earning rewards.

Here’s a look at the Current Top 10 on 06/19

Awards will be given tutorials in the Top 5 in views as of 5:00 PM EST on Thursday of each week. The first rewards will be given for the week of June 15, 2023, and June 22, 2023.

Run the report to see the latest results here.

The Celo Sage program is an embodiment of the prosperity inherent in collective knowledge sharing. Your dedication to creating high-quality content — through documentation, blogs, tutorials, and videos — not only helps developers establish a strong foundation on the Celo platform but also nurtures an engaging and supportive community.

As you continue to make an impact, remember that your efforts fuel the growth of our community, and in turn, your personal learning journey. You’re helping fellow members navigate the intricate pathways of technology and sustainability, and we deeply value your role in this mission.

So, let the creativity flow, share your unique insights, and let’s continue to learn, grow, and achieve together. Your valuable contributions are shaping the future of Celo Academy, and we’re excited to see the incredible content you’ll create next.

With gratitude,
Joe Nyzio
Developer Relations at Celo Academy


That was brilliant idea. :clap:


Cool idea


Wow, thank you. At least this will compensate the sages that couldn’t get started due to low vote


The cool thing about this idea is that it would definitely encourage sages to create much needed content that are relevant in today’s Blockchain development space, excited for this, and awesome initiative @Celo_Academy :heart:

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