Smart Contract Security on Celo with Madmax

Celo Blockchain is one of the secure and scalable blockchain compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. It can only execute what is written as instructions. Considering the devastating effects of vulnerable smart contracts. As a web3 developer, writing secure smart contracts can be very challenging especially where many contracts are involved with limited time. You have the responsibility of deploying safe and secure code.

There are couple of security tools that can freely help developers to reduce or avoid common and documented smart contract vulnerabilities. This tutorial is designed to help Celo developers:

  • learn how to use Madmax in analyzing smart contracts with code examples.
  • Avoid known and common smart contract attacks while building for the Celo platform.
  • Advanced in Smart contracts development.

Readers must have previous experience writing smart contract using Solidity, JavaScript Hardhat.
Hardhat, Solidity