Smart Contracts and Web3 on Celo Tutorial Series

Smart Contracts and Web3 on Celo Tutorial Series
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Welcome to our comprehensive course designed to equip you with deep knowledge and practical skills in the domain of smart contracts, specifically tailored to the Celo platform. This syllabus will guide you through a structured, step-by-step path, transitioning from the basics of smart contracts to their advanced techniques and security aspects, while also exploring Web3 tools and real-world use cases.

Lesson 1: Understanding Smart Contracts

Lesson 2: Developing Smart Contracts

Lesson 3: Advanced Smart Contract Techniques

Lesson 4: Security in Smart Contracts

Lesson 5: Web3 Integration and Use Cases

Lesson 6: Advanced Concepts and Best Practices


By the end of this course, you’ll have gained a strong theoretical understanding and practical skills in smart contract development and security, with a specific focus on the Celo platform. You’ll be equipped to create efficient and secure smart contracts, develop your own decentralized applications, and navigate the rapidly-evolving world of blockchain technology. This course lays a robust foundation for you to innovate and build on the Celo platform, opening up new opportunities in the blockchain domain. Let’s embark on this exciting learning journey together!


This is actually a really Awesome Pathway, to get readers started on Celo… :clinking_glasses:

Look forward to helping with more complex and Interesting Pathways too…


Thanks! I’ll be building a first draft of a few pathways then going through and editing to improve them. Trying to use as many of our sage tutorials as possible. Glad it’s looking good so far :slight_smile:


I shared this link in my college group, it will surely help them


Wow…masterfully crafted. I will be sharing this around to my mentees.


This is cool :100:

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Wow, thanks so much for this… It will be very helpful to the beginners

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Nice pathway :clap: :clap:


I like they way they link to other tutorials


My devs friends are much interested in learning smart contracts all their lives. Most of them are web2 dev. Will be directing them here. :+1:


Well curated content, big ups @Celo_Academy :green_heart: