Social Impact and Web3: Celo’s Theory of Change | Celo Connect Salon at EthCC Paris


In this tutorial, we will explore the transcript of the Celo Connect Salon at EthCC Paris, titled “Social Impact and Web3: Celo’s Theory of Change.” The speaker, Angelo, opens the second day of the salon and emphasizes the focus on social impact and local use cases. The goal is to build a financial system that enables prosperity for everyone. This tutorial will delve into the stories of individuals who have benefited from Celo’s technology, highlighting their experiences and the positive impact on their lives.

Janet’s Story: Empowering Unemployed Youth in Nairobi

Janet, a 21-year-old unemployed individual in Nairobi, faced limited job opportunities. Through a partnership with the UN World Food Program, Celo introduced her to the digital economy. Janet started earning income through data annotation work using her mobile phone. Celo’s introduction of cryptocurrency provided real-time compensation and access to decentralized finance (DeFi) products like Good Ghosting. This enabled Janet to grow her earnings and pursue her long-time dream of starting a fruit vending business.

Dita Cerrito: Empowering Traditional Artisans in the Philippines

Dita Cerrito is a traditional artisan and the head of a cooperative of weavers in the Philippines. Due to the pandemic, their production came to a halt, and they faced financial difficulties. Celo connected them with Impact Market, a decentralized marketplace, and introduced them to Valora, a digital wallet. With Valora, they could send money across borders and access a global market for their craft. Celo’s support allowed them to resume their weaving activities and open new opportunities through an online marketplace.

Dixon’s Farming Project in Kenya

In a rural area of Kenya called Nanyuki, Celo partnered with Dixon to enable farming at scale. Through a partnership with Mercy Corps Venturers, Celo facilitated credit access for Dixon, leveraging his income from farming. By utilizing a credit delegation model and partnering with Mula Market, Dixon obtained credit at significantly lower fees, empowering him to improve his farming operations and income.

Launching the Social Impact Collective

Celo officially launched the Social Impact Collective, which aims to drive positive change through financial inclusion and economic prosperity. The collective focuses on use case development, advisory services, builder enablement, thought leadership, and community building. Celo invites collaboration from individuals and organizations interested in leveraging web3 technology for social impact.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Celo’s commitment to social impact and using web3 technology to improve lives is evident through their stories of success. By expanding the network and inviting collaboration, Celo aims to continue their work in creating a financial system that responds to real-world needs. They emphasize the importance of shifting thinking and redefining success beyond traditional metrics. The Social Impact Collective will continue to drive positive change and empower individuals and communities worldwide.

Get Involved and Collaborate

If you’re interested in getting involved with Celo’s social impact initiatives or collaborating with them, there are several opportunities available. You can participate in events like the upcoming “bitch-a-thon” focused on social impact. Celo offers resources to accelerate projects and can connect you with organizations, investors, and communities. Reach out to Celo and share your ideas and goals aligned with their mission of using web3 technology for social impact.

Remember to stay engaged with the community, attend events, and contribute to the ongoing discussions surrounding social impact in the Celo ecosystem.