Social Impact Stories | Kuneco April 2021


In this video, we will explore the transcript of a panel discussion titled “Social Impact Stories | Kuneco April 2021.” The discussion revolves around the use of technology and innovation to create prosperity and address various social challenges. The panel features representatives from three organizations: Grameen Foundation, Emerging Impact, and Mercy Corps Ventures. Each organization shares its initiatives and experiences in leveraging technology for social impact. This tutorial will provide an overview of the panel’s key points and insights.

Grameen Foundation’s Use of Celo for Hunger Relief and Economic Empowerment

Christine Villago from Grameen Foundation discusses how her organization utilizes Celo to address hunger and empower communities, particularly focusing on women’s economic empowerment. Grameen Foundation operates in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the Philippines. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Grameen Foundation provided unconditional cash transfers to low-income women and relief programs in response to the crisis. The organization partnered with households and businesses, offering assistance through digital platforms and e-commerce solutions.

Emerging Impact’s Focus on Humanitarian Aid and Open Banking

Robbie Greenfield from Emerging Impact shares the organization’s work in humanitarian aid, specifically leveraging stable coins like CUSD (Celo Dollar). They aim to develop digital humanitarian aid methods and promote open banking systems in emerging markets. Open banking allows for seamless and efficient financial transactions, enabling greater access to financial services. Robbie also introduces the concept of DMI (Decentralized Market Infrastructure) as a means to provide decentralized financial services for emerging market institutions.

Mercy Corps Ventures’ Pilot Project with Celo Dollar in Kenya

Lillian Alexander from Mercy Corps Ventures discusses the partnership between Mercy Corps and Celo Foundation. They conducted a pilot project in Kenya, focusing on using Celo Dollar and the Valora wallet for digital microwork opportunities for vulnerable youth. The pilot aimed to provide cheaper cross-border payments, explore online microwork as a viable employment option, and study the impact of Celo Dollar and Valora wallet on financial inclusion in Kenya.

Challenges and Recommendations for Creating Inclusive Solutions

The panelists address the challenges and recommendations for creating inclusive solutions for marginalized communities. They emphasize the importance of understanding users’ unique needs, challenges, and cultural contexts. The panelists highlight the need for trust-building, relevance of solutions, digital literacy, and support from local leaders and authority figures. They also stress the importance of considering device accessibility, internet availability, and regulatory factors while designing solutions for low-income communities.

Conclusion and Future Directions

The panel discussion concludes with an appreciation for the Celo community’s efforts in creating prosperity and addressing social challenges. The organizations express their commitment to continuing partnerships and transformative use of technology. They mention ongoing projects and the importance of data analysis, impact measurement, and knowledge sharing to improve and scale their initiatives. The tutorial highlights the need for collaboration and understanding to build an inclusive global financial system.