Soulbound tokens power new identity solution on Celo Blockchain

Many people in the Web3 community have been working hard to make better identity solutions available to consumers. The introduction of soulbound tokens (SBT) last year introduced a new way for users to define themselves.

Although the SBT hype has subsided in recent months, they have not vanished from the scene. Masa Finance, an SBT protocol, announced on March 1 that it will deploy a new identity solution on the carbon-negative Celo blockchain.

More than 10 million Celo ecosystem wallets will be able to generate a Masa “prosperity passport.” This new Web3 identity solution enables users to create a variety of SBTs related to their digital lives, including an authenticated user verification SBT, a credit score SBT, a community reputation SBT, and a “.celo” domain name SBT.