Special Greeting from Meltem Demirors of Coinshares | Kuneco April 2021


In this video, we will explore a special greeting from Meltem Demirors of Coinshares at the Kuneco event in April 2021. Meltem Demirors discusses various topics related to the cryptocurrency space, including the importance of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance), the accessibility of Bitcoin, and the future of cross-chain interoperability. Let’s dive into the transcript and explore the key points.


Meltem Demirors introduces herself and expresses her excitement about being at the event. She highlights the value of conferences in the cryptocurrency space and mentions the diverse audience and speakers present. She mentions her intention to discuss ESG, which stands for Environment, Social, and Governance, and its significance in the crypto industry.

Understanding ESG and Institutional Investors’ Perspective

Meltem Demirors shares her experience in the cryptocurrency industry and provides context for the growing importance of ESG investing. She discusses the macro context, including the focus on inflation and monetary debasement during the global pandemic. She also highlights the increasing emphasis on ESG mandates by governments and financial services firms, especially in Europe. Meltem mentions that 10% of assets under management in Europe are focused on ESG, and this number is projected to grow to 30% in the next five years.

The Role of Cryptocurrency in Empowerment and Accessibility

Meltem Demirors emphasizes the significance of accessibility in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. She discusses how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are no longer limited to the wealthiest individuals but have become accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a phone. She mentions that this accessibility has the potential to empower individuals who previously did not have access to financial innovations and new technologies. Meltem shares her excitement about the democratizing effect of cryptocurrency and its ability to bring in new participants from diverse communities and ecosystems.

Impact of Open Public Blockchain Networks on ESG

Meltem Demirors explores the potential impact of open public blockchain networks on ESG. She mentions the environmental side and discusses how Square has released a paper on how Bitcoin can contribute to a more resilient and renewable energy economy. Meltem also mentions the interesting governance models emerging in the crypto space, such as collective investments and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). She believes that we are still in the early stages of understanding the profound impact that open public blockchain networks can have on ESG.

Cello’s Role in Cross-Chain Interoperability

Meltem Demirors discusses the overhyping of layer one blockchains as standalone silos. She believes in the future of cross-chain interoperability and the importance of collaboration between different blockchain networks. She mentions the innovation happening in the cross-chain space, including wallets, liquidity pooling solutions, and derivatives. Meltem highlights Cello as a leading platform in enabling interoperability and providing a seamless user experience across different assets and chains.

Overhyped and Underhyped Aspects of Crypto

Meltem Demirors shares her perspective on overhyped and underhyped aspects of the cryptocurrency space. She believes that the idea of standalone layer one blockchains is overhyped and that the future lies in cross-chain innovation. Meltem mentions the underhyped opportunities in user accessibility, especially for those without smartphones. She discusses the potential of crypto in empowering individuals through micro work and earning Bitcoin. She also expresses her excitement about the growing user base in the crypto space.


In this video, we explored a special greeting from Meltem Demirors of Coinshares at the Kuneco event in April 2021. Meltem discussed various topics, including the importance of ESG, the accessibility of Bitcoin, and the future of cross-chain interoperability.