Submit Application for Celo Sage

Become Celo Sage

How to get started as a content creator in the Celo Sage Program.

:white_check_mark: Step 1: Fill the Google Form

Start by filling out this Google form and explaining your idea. (If you don’t see the google form, click here)

:white_check_mark: Step 2: Reviewing the Application

You will hear from us in 24-48 hours via email/discord, where we will discuss the uniqueness of the idea. The rewards amount will be decided in this phase. Note that rewards amount depends on content uniqueness, complexity and demand.

:white_check_mark: Step 3: Start Writing

Once we approve the request, you can choose your preferred text editor to start writing the content. Please follow the Contribution Guidelines and Tutorial Structure while writing the content.

:white_check_mark: Step 4: Submit the Content

Fork the repo, create a new branch and inside the blog directory, create a .md file and paste your article/tutorial.

Follow PR guidelines before creating PR.

:white_check_mark: Step 5: Review Process

Our editors will review the content ASAP and suggest changes in the same PR. Once the content is approved, it will be merged and published on the Celo Blog website.

If you have any questions, please reach out FAQs.

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