Technical Keynote: The Mobile-First Future | Celo Connect 2022


Welcome to the technical keynote presented at Celo Connect 2022. This aims to summarize the keynote speech given by Eric Nakagawa and Brandy Camacho from the Celo Foundation. They discussed various topics related to building on Celo and the updates and initiatives undertaken by the foundation.

Agenda and Updates

The speakers began by acknowledging the crowd and informing them about the timing of the event. They encouraged the audience to use the Celo Connect progressive web app for up-to-date scheduling information. Eric Nakagawa introduced himself as a partner leading the developer relations team, followed by Brandy Camacho from DevRel. They highlighted the updates from 2021, including the Donut hard fork and the Espresso hard fork, which added EVM compatibility and the EIP-1559 burn mechanism to the Celo network.

Supporting Developers and Hackathons

The speakers discussed their focus on supporting the developer community and getting more people involved in the Celo ecosystem. They mentioned organizing hackathons like “Hack for the People” and announced an upcoming hackathon with a big partner. They emphasized the importance of smaller, focused hackathons and mentioned initiatives like proof of knowledge to educate and empower developers. They also discussed the possibility of hiring talented developers from the community.

Supporting Developers and Documentation

The speakers emphasized their commitment to supporting developers and improving their experience. They mentioned efforts to provide faster response times, ticketing systems, and a growing Discord community. They acknowledged the need to improve documentation based on user feedback and their plans to unify examples across different programming languages. They expressed their desire to engage and support communities worldwide, including Barcelona and Latin America.

Investing in Tooling and Infrastructure

The speakers discussed their investment in tooling and infrastructure and their goal of expanding the capabilities of the Celo platform. They encouraged developers to provide feedback and suggestions for new tools. They highlighted the importance of a mobile-first approach and mentioned the availability of Java SDK for native mobile development. They also introduced the Celo iOS SDK and announced future plans for the Android SDK.

SDK Roadmap and Community Contribution

The speakers shared the roadmap for the SDKs, focusing on features like account creation, key management, token transfers, balances, and core contracts. They invited developers, product leaders, and designers to contribute to the development process and provide feedback. They emphasized the importance of standardization, unification across platforms, and the inclusion of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and oracles within the ecosystem.

Ecosystem Integration and Partnerships

The speakers discussed ecosystem integration and partnerships, highlighting the availability of services like Redstone and Band Protocol for developers to access oracle data. They encouraged developers to explore these services and leverage their APIs. They also announced an opportunity for developers to secure early access to upcoming partnerships.


In conclusion, the keynote speech at Celo Connect 2022 focused on the mobile-first future of the Celo platform. The speakers discussed updates, initiatives, and the importance of supporting and empowering developers. They emphasized the need for community participation, provided insights into the SDK roadmap, and highlighted ecosystem integration and partnerships. Developers were encouraged to provide feedback, contribute to the development process, and take advantage of the available tools and resources.