The Future of Remittances: How Celo and REFI Are Revolutionizing Cross-Border Payments

I have created this after hearing the conversation of @joenyzio in last office hours
Cross-Border Payments and Remittances on Celo, I have read through this article few days ago, and I thought I will be able to provide a new way, with integrating with the understanding of the ReFi and CELO is playing an crucial role , after being in the community for quite a long time and after almost reviewing more than 100 articles I have few articles which I would like to have on our platform, and now having this new way of communicating with in the community, I would like to have your guys help in making an article, which provides all the information in an unique way like a user is a able to get the knowledge and exposure about the topic where it doesn’t make user feel that they need to read any other article, I welcome all your ideas , thank you for helping

What I am thinking of including in this

  1. The current limitations of the remittance system
  2. Introduction to celo and Refi
    3)Fast and low cost transactions, how and why it is essential?
    4)Celo and REFI address the issue of financial inclusion by providing access to cross-border payments for underserved populations.
  3. Transparency offered by Celo and REFI.
  4. Role of stablecoins in cross-border payments facilitated by Celo and REFI
  5. Real-World Use Cases and Success Stories

Thank you for reading, your support is welcomed


Great foresight and I know you will do justice to this topic when it gets approved.


This tutorial is essential. Thanks for the initiative.


Nice one @ishan.pathak2711


Even though there are couple of solutions claiming to have solved the problems of remittances through cross-border wiring, yet we still have issues in the payment system and processes. I look forward to learning from this tutorial how Celo and Refi can end such mystery. Perhaps this could help me one way or the other in my projects.


Unique man…looking forward to see the outcome


Hey @ishan.pathak2711 - here is some information on ReFi if you are interested.

Build Regenerative Finance (ReFi) dApps on Celo.


Hey @ishan.pathak2711 this seems pretty amazing I’ll admit, I also looked through all other similar topics, most of which were codebase focused, This is pretty solid, Seems like an addition to help readers understand remittance, on following up with other related tutorials…

Can’t wait to see this launched

Mayowa (Phenzic :clinking_glasses:)


I also wrote an article about ReFi sometimes last month, might prove to be a useful resource for the basics

Here it is: Discovering Regenerative Finance🌱: What It Is and Why You Should Care

cc @ishan.pathak2711


Amazing work here,I have no doubt this will help the community.

Willing to learn from theses


Similar to what wrote on Celo remittances…. Looking towards how it comes out