The Road to 10,000 User Accounts


As we continue to grow, we’re thrilled to share that we’ve had 380 new accounts created on our platform! But we’re not stopping there. With your continued support and involvement, we’re setting our sights on welcoming 10,000 new users to our vibrant community. Here’s our strategy to reach this milestone, and how you can contribute and benefit:

User-Friendly Platform

Delivering a seamless experience is our top priority. We’re dedicated to enhancing the usability of our platform, aiming to make the registration process and overall use as intuitive as possible. Your contribution is invaluable. Conduct a usability test of our platform, provide your feedback, and let’s work together to optimize the user experience. We’ll measure our success by the increase in conversion rates from visitors to new account registrations.

Engaging Webinars

We’re gearing up to launch a series of engaging webinars, addressing topics that resonate with our community. You can contribute by suggesting topics, hosting a webinar, or sharing our webinars within your network. The effectiveness of our webinars will be measured by the number of attendees and the subsequent new account creations.

Partnership Program

Collaborations are powerful, and we’re excited to initiate a program to foster partnerships. If you know influencers, bloggers, or companies whose values align with ours, your suggestions are welcome. The impact of these partnerships will be assessed based on the number of new partnerships formed and the number of new users they bring to our platform.

Onboarding Experience

We’re committed to providing a warm welcome and a smooth introduction to our new users. Share your onboarding experiences and suggestions with us, and let’s work together to make the onboarding process even better. An increase in user satisfaction scores and retention rates will indicate our success in this area.

Email Marketing

We’re revamping our email communication. Our emails will be packed with more interactive and value-rich content that highlight the benefits of our platform. You can support us by sharing these emails with your network who might be interested. We’ll gauge our success by the increase in email open rates and click-through rates leading to new accounts.

Social Media Promotion

We’re amplifying our presence on social media platforms! We encourage you to engage with our posts, share them, and tag your friends who might find them interesting. The success of this initiative will be gauged by an increase in our social media engagement rates, follower count, and the number of new accounts created as a result.

SEO for Sign-up Pages

We’re working on optimizing our sign-up pages for search engines, making it easier for potential users to discover us. If you have a blog, website, or social media presence, consider sharing our sign-up page link. The increase in organic search ranking and traffic to the sign-up page leading to new accounts will be our measure of success.

From Goals to Roles

Join the discussion at Celo Academy and learn about our specialized areas of support. By actively participating, making proposals, and contributing your expertise, you can earn rewards for your specific contributions. Explore our plans to discover how you can get involved and make a meaningful impact within the Celo community.

We believe in the power of community and value your role in helping us reach our goals. We’re looking forward to making the journey to 10,000 new users a memorable one. We’re always eager to hear your ideas, feedback, and suggestions!

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