The Road to 100 Job Placements


We’re enthusiastically shifting gears to reach another milestone – our objective is to facilitate 100 job placements within our dynamic Celo ecosystem and the broader Web3 community! Our multifaceted approach includes bolstering our career support services, orchestrating virtual job fairs, and forging powerful alliances. Here’s our detailed action plan:

Strategic Partnerships

Our commitment to building robust bridges with organizations and companies within the Celo ecosystem is steadfast. This initiative is designed to create a synergy that benefits all parties involved. If you’re aware of a company or organization that aligns with our values, please reach out. Our success in forging impactful partnerships will be measured by the number of collaborations and the opportunities they generate for our community members.

Online Job Board

In our effort to make your job hunt efficient and targeted, we’re developing a Web3-centric job board and aim to partner with other companies that do the same. This will opportunities exclusively within the Celo and Web3 ecosystem, streamlining your search. We’ll gauge the success of this initiative by the number of active job listings and the feedback from community members who use it.

Career Support Services

We are revamping our career support system to arm you with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in the job market. We welcome suggestions on specific topics or areas you’d like us to cover. The impact of this upgrade will be assessed through community feedback and the number of individuals benefiting from our services.

Industry-Specific Training

To make you an irresistible candidate to employers, we’re implementing training programs in high-demand areas. We value your input in selecting the most relevant and essential topics. The success of this initiative will be monitored through participant feedback and the uptick in skills-based job placements.

Virtual Job Fairs

Our virtual job fairs are designed to facilitate real-time interaction between you and prospective employers. With state-of-the-art technology, you’ll be able to present yourself and network effectively. The number of participants and subsequent job placements will be key performance indicators.

Workshops & Webinars

Our calendar will be brimming with workshops and webinars tailored to provide you with a competitive edge in the job market. Whether it’s resume crafting or interview skills, we’ve got you covered. The engagement levels and subsequent success in job placements will be our yardstick.

Alumni Networking

We’re creating a thriving network of successful alumni who are eager to provide mentorship, guidance, and referrals. This network will serve as a resource for sharing experiences and knowledge. The growth of the network and the number of mentorship sessions will be our success indicators.

Mentorship Program

Our structured mentorship program will provide you with the rare opportunity to gain insights from seasoned professionals. Through this initiative, you’ll receive personalized guidance and support. The number of mentor-mentee matches and the feedback from participants will determine the success of this program.

Success Stories

Your success is our collective victory. We invite you to share your triumphant job placement stories as they will serve as beacons of inspiration for the community. We will evaluate the impact of these stories through community engagement and feedback.

From Goals to Roles

Join the discussion at Celo Academy and learn about our specialized areas of support. By actively participating, making proposals, and contributing your expertise, you can earn rewards for your specific contributions. Explore our plans to discover how you can get involved and make a meaningful impact within the Celo community.

Together, as we cruise towards 100 job placements, every small contribution and involvement from you adds momentum to this ambitious journey. Let’s band together and start building a future with opportunities for us and our fellow Celo developers.

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