Tree Poetry NFT Collection Dapp


Tree Poetry is collaborative poetry focused to solve world problems by having social discussions as a game of creating poetry and incentivizing donations with free digital collectibles. The 1st event is July 1st with at risk teens in LA to revise nursery rhymes within a printout and submitted to become different versions of poetry with unique illustrations to create collectible gifts for donations to their charity. The current dapp to create the collectibles is incorrectly structured so a new dapp is needed that’s easier to manage and optimized for admin to create the gifts using the hand written content rather than each user using an individual wallet. I please request a dapp to create a NFT collection with customizable metadata and description.

Project Description

The dapp just needs to create a NFT collection with customizable metadata and description and is mostly same as current dapp but sets NFT collection to connected wallet. The dapp should also the metadata field for Creator to be edited rather than determined by NFT ID# so all collectibles created for collection need to be submitted by same user and wallet.

The dapp can be very general so anyone can use the dapp to create collections for their self but when a wallet connects then previous collections are templates to choose so more NFTs can be added to collection and all NFTs will have same metadata parameters or additional collection can be started for different metadata. Perhaps a starter templates can be available so all Tree Poetry collections can easily be same and there can be blank template to design a collection in anyway or custom templates for other projects too.


If anyone is interested in supporting this request please reply here. Early next week I’ll work with @TreePoet to select a community member that can help support this request. Thanks!

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@Celo_Academy @TreePoet I have gone through the project description. I think its a great one and I would love to be a part of this if given the opportunity.

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@Celo_Academy @TreePoet Add me in.

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Hi @Celo_Academy I’d love to work on this as well

Hi @Celo_Academy I’d love to work on this, and would love to know the starting time of the project so i can have a proper schedule

@Celo_Academy @TreePoet im in for this!

@Celo_Academy you can add me up

Wow, this is such a great community to help build this dapp. In 6 weeks, all the data will be collected and it would be great if the tokens can be generated so the metadata can be collected and distributed with assistance to create wallets for everyone. Some of the collectibles will not have finished illustrations but that can just increase the excitement for the people that donate to receive them as free gifts. I’ll be sure to make extras for everyone here as I want to use them as keys like in discord or possibly another dapp to access the Python AI model being built having advanced features in creating poetry of different methods so even young kids can choose poetry to match the style just using their thoughts transformed into the required pattern. Adult supervision may be required but the thoughts can still be theirs and all this needs to be in the metadata so the asset can accurately be defined. Once everything is completed then the collection can be frozen to protect the investments from making donations.


Will love to be part of this

Huge thanks to everyone who reached out in support of this project! :mortar_board: :seedling:

Hi @TreePoet - it looks like we have a number of community members interested in helping out. Could you please DM on Discord at joenyzio#7547 so we can discuss next steps. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, let’s make this an open source project for everyone to participate since it needs to be completed in 5 weeks and we will see who is most interested and can take lead. Let’s aim for 4 weeks so we can setup and test everything. As far as tech requirements, we need to create the user interface, write the contract, setup hosting for the dapp, setup web services to transfer data and setup IPFS. For my other dapps, I already have godaddy server, heroku account and for IPFS but not sure how it was setup since I was just shown how it functions. My other dapps functioned different by allowing others to upload images for my collection that gets sent to my server so I could collect and approve data and then manually upload the files to IPFS in correct order so then the images and metadata would match the correct token created and was very tedious process so hopefully this new dapp will be easier to use. I’ll make list of all the required metadata needed to accurately describe the collectables but as far as anything more technical I’ll need someone to be the project manager. I’m also not sure how to manage an open source project either but do have a GitHub we can use at:

[ .]( .)

I’ll see about creating a new repository tomorrow since there’s no option on the mobile app - thanks.