Web3 Community Building Fireside Chat

In this tutorial, we will summarize a fireside chat on web3 community building. The chat features participants from different organizations and explores the concept of community in the web3 ecosystem. We will break down the conversation into several subheadings to facilitate understanding.

Introduction and Setting the Intention

The fireside chat begins with Daniel Larte, a member of the community development team at the “Hello Foundation,” introducing himself and expressing his intention for the conversation. He emphasizes the need to discuss the concept of community, its values, and its role within the web3 space.

Introducing the Panelists and Defining Community

The panelists introduce themselves and their roles within their respective organizations. Allison Filler from Climate Collective highlights their objective of bringing together the crypto and climate communities. Isabella’s Brutal from Talent Protocol discusses their mission of enabling high-potential talents to be discovered and nurtured. Eric Nakagawa, from Cella Foundation, describes their community as a mixture of participants in Cello and contributors to Solo.

The Nature of the Cello Community

Daniel reflects on the evolving role of community building in the Cello ecosystem. He acknowledges that community development is no longer solely reliant on the founding team or the foundation. Instead, many individuals now play an active role in shaping the community. Daniel prompts the panelists to discuss the type of community they are building from their unique perspectives.

A Community with Intention and Purpose

The panelists describe the Cello community as intentional and purpose-driven. Allison emphasizes the need for collaboration between different communities to address challenges like climate change. Isabella highlights the alignment between Talent Protocol, the Cella Foundation, and the Cello mission in fostering collective participation and investing in shared goals.

Nurturing Ideas and Growth

Eric discusses the role of the foundation in providing a space for new ideas to flourish within the community. He emphasizes that while the foundation can provide the initial seed, the community ultimately drives the growth and evolution of these ideas. Eric notes the importance of values such as prosperity for all and regenerative finance in shaping the community’s direction.

Technology, People, and Community Alignment

The participants delve into the importance of aligning people’s understanding with the rapidly advancing technology in the web3 space. They highlight the significance of community building in bridging the gap between technology and people’s mindset. Isabella emphasizes the need for education and awareness to ensure the effective use and understanding of blockchain technology.

Unique Purpose and Connectedness

The panelists revisit the core values of Cello: unique purpose and connectedness. They discuss how these values resonate with the communities they are building. Allison highlights the unique purpose of individuals in addressing climate change while emphasizing the global connectedness and collaboration needed to tackle this challenge. The participants recognize the ability of web3 communities to foster change through governance participation and decentralized decision-making.

Empowering Change and Acting Together

The participants acknowledge that web3 communities provide a platform for effecting real-world change. They discuss the power of the community to drive change through governance proposals and active participation. The connectedness and ability to act quickly are highlighted as key features of web3 communities, enabling faster implementation of ideas and initiatives.


The fireside chat concludes by emphasizing the freedom and speed of action within the web3 space. The participants highlight the importance of inspiring others to join and contribute to the community by sharing ideas that promote personal growth, positive change, and environmental sustainability. The collective effort of diverse individuals and communities is seen as a driving force in shaping the web3 ecosystem.

By understanding the insights and perspectives shared in this fireside chat, you can gain valuable knowledge about community building in the web3 space and apply it to your own endeavors.