Web3 for All Onboarding & Sharing Value


In this conversation, Daniel Arte, representing the Cello Foundation, discusses the topic of onboarding people into Web3 and the importance of sharing value. He is joined by Justine Arndt and Carlos, who share their insights on the subject.

Belonging in Web3

Daniel starts the conversation by emphasizing the significance of belonging in the Web3 space. He shares an anecdote about Francisco Sagire’s statement that everyone belongs in Web3. The concept of belonging means having the foundational knowledge to understand the technology, its purpose, and who it serves. Justine agrees, highlighting the need for inclusivity and clear communication to make people feel comfortable in this complex space.

Crypto Education and Onboarding

Carlos, one of the co-founders of Crypto Hunt, discusses the importance of educating people about crypto and providing them with the skills they need to participate. Crypto Hunt offers learning experiences and rewards users with crypto or NFTs upon completion. They have successfully attracted users who were previously intimidated by crypto, bridging the gap between traditional investing and the world of cryptocurrencies.

Skills and Credentials in Web3

Carlos and Justine both emphasize the value of skills and credentials in Web3. Carlos mentions the need to bring traditional professionals into the crypto market by providing them with opportunities to contribute their existing skills. NFTs and digital certificates are emerging trends that can represent achievements and skills gained in the crypto space. Justine discusses Rabbit Hole’s approach, where users can earn skills through completing tasks and then apply those skills in other decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

Long-Term Perspective and Social Impact

Carlos and Justine also discuss the long-term perspective and social impact of Web3 education. Carlos focuses on creating solutions for companies and helping individuals find jobs in the crypto market. He believes that profitable companies can also address social problems. Justine emphasizes the importance of meaningful participation and social impact, ensuring that users are not solely motivated by monetary gains but also by contributing to the community.

Building Community and Certification

The conversation then shifts to community building and certification. Justine mentions the challenges of tracking user engagement and providing valuable analytics to companies. Rabbit Hole aims to create a sense of community and motivation for users to engage with the product. Peer reviews and discussions play a significant role in their approach. Carlos emphasizes the importance of intrinsic motivation and engaging users, rather than relying solely on certificates or badges.

User Retention and Contributions

The topic of user retention and contributions is addressed. Carlos mentions the challenge of retaining users after they complete educational programs and provides resources and job opportunities for individuals to continue their involvement in the crypto space. Justine shares Rabbit Hole’s experience with users transitioning from being learners to contributors, highlighting the importance of making the barrier to entry for contributions accessible and transparent.

Onboarding New Communities to Web3

The conversation concludes with a discussion on the most critical factors when onboarding new communities to Web3. Carlos emphasizes the value of adding value to the ecosystem, while Justine expresses joy in onboarding crypto beginners and making the experience less intimidating. Both speakers highlight the significance of helping individuals progress in their Web3 journey and feeling a sense of purpose.