What's New in DeFi on Celo


This provides an overview of the panel discussion on “What’s New in DeFi on Celo.” The discussion covers the current state of DeFi on Celo, future developments, and insights from industry experts. The panelists introduce themselves and discuss their projects, highlighting their contributions to the Celo ecosystem. The tutorial will cover various topics discussed during the panel, including community building, user retention, and the future of DeFi on Celo.

Panelists’ Introductions

The panelists briefly introduce themselves, providing information about their roles and projects within the Celo ecosystem. They include Jason, who leads the founder programs at the Celo Foundation; Andy, who is working on Celo Savings, a yield farming product; Denali, the lead blockchain engineer at Cresco, focused on crypto-backed synthetic assets; Henry, founder of Nested, a decentralized social trading platform; and others who share their insights.

Building Community and User Retention

The panelists discuss community building and user retention strategies in the DeFi space. They emphasize the importance of understanding your target audience and engaging closely with the community. Starting with what you know best is recommended when building a community. Providing value to users and creating an exceptional user experience are crucial for long-term user retention. The panelists stress the significance of simplicity, mobile accessibility, and user-friendly interfaces to attract and retain users in the DeFi space.

Institutional Capital and Future Developments

The panelists share their thoughts on institutional capital in DeFi and its impact on the industry. They discuss how farming rewards may decrease over time, making it essential to focus on consumer-focused mobile banking experiences. The panelists highlight Celo as a platform preparing for the future by building credibility with consumers and differentiating itself from traditional banking systems. They emphasize the importance of establishing value propositions that can attract institutional money by reducing risk and increasing positive APYs.

Building Blocks for the Future of DeFi on Celo

The panelists discuss the key building blocks that will shape the future of DeFi on Celo. They highlight the importance of composability and integration with existing protocols. Seamless user interfaces and user experiences are identified as crucial factors for the success of DeFi projects on Celo. Liquidity is identified as a key challenge, and initiatives like DeFi for the People are seen as valuable in bringing liquidity to the Celo ecosystem.


The panel discussion on “What’s New in DeFi on Celo” offers valuable insights into the current state and future developments in the Celo ecosystem. The panelists emphasize the importance of community building, user retention, and mobile accessibility. They discuss strategies to attract institutional capital and highlight the significance of providing fundamental value to users. Finally, the panelists identify composability, liquidity, and seamless user experiences as key building blocks for the future of DeFi on Celo.