What's New with DataFi


In this video, we will explore the latest developments in DataFi, a nascent category known as the financialization of data. DataFi aims to disrupt big tech and the tech monopolies by empowering individuals to take control of their data. We will discuss the importance of data, its predictive value, and the rise of tech monopolies. Additionally, we will examine the current lack of control individuals have over their data and the need for change.

The Power of Data

Data is incredibly valuable due to its predictive capabilities. While not magical, data comes closest to it, as historical data can be used to make accurate predictions. Tech monopolies have recognized the importance of data and have built significant advantages by collecting and utilizing it within their walled gardens.

The Need for Change

Corporations currently hold the majority of data, leading to a decline in trust among individuals towards both governments and tech companies. People are aware that their data is being collected but lack knowledge on how to take control of it. We find ourselves in a situation where data is no longer under our control, and the question arises: What can we do about it?

Disrupting Tech Monopolies with DataFi

DataFi aims to disrupt tech monopolies by opening up the walled gardens and allowing individuals to reclaim their data. By leveraging decentralized tools and platforms like Celo, users can participate in peer-to-peer data transactions. This shift enables individuals to sell their data directly to different companies, breaking the siloed nature of data collection.

The Potential of Data and Machine Learning

Data has long been considered an essential application of cryptocurrencies. With recent developments, we are witnessing a unique opportunity for data to materialize in a meaningful way. Data regulation, such as GDPR and CCPA, has paved the way for individuals to access their data from various platforms legally. Additionally, the value of data has been amplified by its role as an input to machine learning models.

DataFi Market Map

The DataFi landscape encompasses several categories and subcategories that are continuously evolving. Some key categories include marketplaces, oracles, storage protocols, identity solutions, and data science platforms. Marketplaces facilitate the exchange of data, while oracles provide external data sources for smart contracts. Storage protocols ensure data integrity and accessibility. Identity solutions enable secure and private data interactions, and data science platforms crowdsource intelligence for solving data science problems.

Joining DataFi with Vana

Vana is a DataFi platform that aims to engage directly with individuals, providing consumer-facing applications and accessible tools. By joining Vana, individuals can sign up for the waitlist and participate in the decentralized data marketplace.


The rise of DataFi represents a significant opportunity to regain control over personal data and disrupt the dominance of tech monopolies. With data regulation, advancements in machine learning, and the emergence of decentralized platforms, individuals can reclaim their data and participate in the data economy. By understanding the potential of DataFi and joining platforms like Vana, individuals can contribute to a more inclusive and empowering data ecosystem.