Your Votes Counted: Announcing This Week's Winning Proposals at Celo Academy

Meet this Week’s Winning Proposals

We are thrilled to announce the winners of this week’s Celo Academy’s Community-Driven Proposal Selection Process! Every week, we’re amazed by the depth and breadth of the tutorial proposals that we receive from our dedicated and innovative community members. These winners exemplify the spirit of the Celo Academy initiative, as they work tirelessly to enrich our learning environment and make blockchain more accessible for everyone.

Each of these proposals showcases not just technical expertise, but also a genuine passion for the Celo blockchain platform and a deep commitment to our shared vision of a more decentralized and equitable future. These thoughtfully crafted tutorials, spanning a wide range of blockchain applications from decentralized auctions to tokenized loyalty programs, highlight the transformative potential of Celo and the incredible ingenuity of our community.

Here’s to another week of amazing proposals, exciting developments, and most importantly, to each and every one of you who are making the Celo Academy such a thriving and vibrant learning space. So without further adieu, here are this week’s winners.

Understanding Celo Price Oracles

This tutorial offers an insightful overview of the role of oracles in the Celo ecosystem, highlighting their importance for stablecoins. The tutorial earned 12 votes. View the proposal

by Jorshimayor

Introduction to Celo CLI

With 12 votes, this tutorial guides users on how to use the Celo Command Line Interface (CLI) for a variety of tasks including managing accounts, deploying contracts, and sending transactions. View the proposal

by Joel

Security best practices on Celo: tips and best practices for securing your Celo assets and protecting yourself from common scams and attacks

Garnering 12 votes, this tutorial will be an invaluable resource for anyone using Celo, covering important security best practices. View the proposal

by SasaniEldis

How to Build a Celo Bridge to Connect with Other Blockchains**

This tutorial will show developers how to build a bridge connecting the Celo network with other blockchains, and received 12 votes. View the proposal

by Elijah007

A Step-by-Step Guide to Celo’s On-Chain Governance System

With 11 votes, this tutorial will guide users through the basics of Celo’s on-chain governance system, including how to create and vote on proposals. View the proposal

by Elijah00

Integrating Celo with DeFi Platforms

This intermediate-level tutorial provides an insight into the process of developing smart contracts on the Celo network. It covers basics of Solidity, the programming language used for writing smart contracts on Celo and provides hands-on experience on writing and deploying a simple contract using Remix and the Celo Wallet. It received 11 votes. View the Proposal.

by SasaniEldis

Implementing Celo’s ERC-20 Bridge

This proposal focuses on building and deploying an ERC-20 bridge between Ethereum and Celo, aiming to enable seamless token transfers between the two networks and enhance interoperability. It received 9 votes. View the Proposal.

by Blessing_Adekunle

Cross-Border Payments and Remittances on Celo

This proposal offers a comprehensive guide on leveraging Celo’s financial inclusion for building cross-border payment and remittance solutions. It received 8 votes. View the Proposal.

by Clue

Building Front End Decentralised Payment App on Celo using React Celo on Celo Blockchain

This proposal explores the creation of a decentralized payment app using the Celo blockchain and React for the front end, facilitating peer-to-peer transactions. It received 8 votes. View the Proposal.

by olusegun

Deploying and Interacting with Smart Contracts on Celo: A Hands-On Tutorial

This tutorial empowers developers to create and interact with smart contracts on Celo. By the end of this tutorial, developers will be equipped with the tools to leverage Celo’s blockchain technology and create impactful solutions. It received 8 votes. View the Proposal.

by DeoJay

How to integrate celo wallet into your existing applications and websites

This tutorial outlines the process of integrating a Celo wallet into existing applications or websites, enabling users to interact with the Celo blockchain and manage their Celo assets seamlessly. It gathered 7 votes. View the Proposal.

by Encrypted

Building a simple Celo wallet with React Celo and Solidity

This tutorial outlines the process of building a simple decentralized application (DApp) on Celo using Solidity and the Truffle development framework. It received 6 votes. View the Proposal.

by Joel

Developing a decentralized document verification and notarization system on Celo

This tutorial will provide an overview of how to build a decentralized document verification and notarization system on the Celo blockchain using Solidity. It received 5 votes. View the Proposal

by 4undRaiser

A decentralized auction platform for rare and collectible items on Celo

This tutorial teaches you how to create a decentralized auction platform for rare and collectible items on the Celo blockchain. It details the use of Solidity to create smart contracts that facilitate fair and transparent bidding. By the end of the tutorial, users should have a functional auction platform that can be utilized worldwide. It received 5 votes. View the Proposal.

by thompsonogoyi1t

Creating a tokenized loyalty program for a business On the Celo Blockchain

The tutorial highlights the benefits of tokenized loyalty programs over traditional ones and demonstrates how smart contracts can be used to issue and redeem loyalty tokens. The proposed loyalty program includes features like rewarding customers for their repeat business and loyalty. It received 5 votes. View the Proposal.

by richiemikke

Building a decentralized crowdfunding platform on Celo using Celo-Composer

This tutorial includes steps for smart contract development and deployment, and how to use React and Tailwind for building a Crowdfunding platform on Celo. By the end of this tutorial, learners will have a robust understanding of creating a crowdfunding platform on the Celo blockchain. It received 5 votes. View the Proposal.

by Joshy

Congratulation again to this Week’s Winners

As we wrap up this week’s announcement, we want to express our deepest gratitude to all the participants and voters for their active contribution to Celo Academy’s Community-Driven Proposal Selection Process. Your contributions, your votes, your engagement are the lifeblood of our thriving community.

These winning tutorials don’t just represent technical expertise, but they embody our shared vision for a decentralized and equitable world. They drive home the potential that lies in each one of us to make an impact, to foster innovation, and to push boundaries.

As we step into the coming week, let’s carry forward this spirit of community, creativity, and a shared vision for a decentralized future. Whether you’re here to learn, to teach, or just to engage with like-minded peers, remember: Celo Academy is your space, and your voice matters.

Thank you again for your ongoing participation and support. We can’t wait to see what new heights we’ll reach together in the coming weeks! Congratulations once more to our winners, and here’s to more learning, innovating, and growing together with Celo Academy!


Congratulations guys…well deserved

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I noticed some writers got more than one project to work on…is this allowed in the new dispensation?


Hey @EmiriDbest - when working in Trello and approving myself using the guidelines, I began approving 1 tutorial per community member to help evenly distribute the tutorials. The new voting process is a separate idea where the community is deciding which tutorials are in highest demand and so it is possible that someone has proposed multiple tutorials with a high number of votes. For this week, I approved based on which tutorials had the most votes resulting a few members receiving multiple tutorials. I do believe there are many benefits to this but if you’re interested, I opened a discussion here where we can chat about possible improvements to the new process if you’d like to propose any updates.


Duly noted @joenyzio …with the clarification, i think its a good move.