Architectural Overview of Account Abstraction on Celo: Enabling Collaborative Control of Funds

Account Abstraction is a hot topic in crypto now. One of the many advantages is the collaborative control of funds. As builders, it is important to understand how components work together for Account Abstraction especially the heart of it which is a Multi-Party Account Contract (contract responsible for enforcing the approval threshold and managing the execution of approved transactions)

We will look in depth into this as well as concepts such as threshold cryptography.

The things I will love to discuss are

  1. Multi-Party Account (MPA) Contract
  2. Individual Addresses and Linked Keys
  3. Threshold Cryptography
  4. Access control and permission management
  5. Integrating account abstraction with existing wallets and developer tools on Celo.

It would be nice to hear some thoughts about this :slightly_smiling_face:.
Thank you :pray:


I think this is an upgrade of the multisignature account system. It sounds cool. I look forward to the areas you promised to touch.


I am specifically looking forward to your discussion on Threshold Cryptography.
Nice topic


i will love to see this tutorial completed , all that comes to my mind right now is a multisig accout so im eager to see this completed @busayo

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