B_WC Hackathon Series!

Introducing the Build With Celo Hackathon Series!

This 4-part, monthly, virtual series is a celebration of the newest technology debuting around the Celo ecosystem. We invite developers around the globe to work with this technology to create, design, and build projects with real-world impact.

Every month (from June to August) comes with a new challenge. Use these challenges as an opportunity to iterate and improve on your project or idea, bring a new one to life, and have fun doing it.

Right now, for Series 2, we challenge you to Build social sign-In dApps With Celo, Masa Soulnames, and cLabs’ Social Connect. Hurry though, projects are due June 18 @ 11:59 PM PT.

You can find all the information you need to register and build here. A piece of 25K is up for grabs!

And check out our past and future B_WC Hackathon Series below :arrow_down:

Series 1, Tokenized Carbon with Toucan Protocol, has ended. Check out the winners!

Series 3 runs from July 1 -15, theme TBD (will announce at the end of June). Register here!

Series 4 runs from August 1-15, theme TBD (will announce at the end of August). Register here!

We will update this post with more information about the series.

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Thank you for sharing @celaahl

This was posted barely 24hrs ago. The deadline is very close. June 14 is just a few hours from now. Can it be extended? I’ve missed a lot of hackathons. This channel will help me keep up to date if regularly updated.


No problem @bobelr!

Yeah, the turnaround was quick. Was just getting the word out and letting people know about the series as a whole and for those who wanted to take a chance and try to build something in a couple days :slight_smile:

Projects are due today, June 15 @ 11:59 PM PDT. If we decide to extend the deadline, I will make an announcement here but not in the plan at the moment.

And we will regularly update this post with hackathon details, so keep an eye out!


Ok great! Thanks for your response.


@bobelr you were not the only one to ask, lol

Deadline has been extended to June 18 @ 11:59 PM PDT!


Hahaha, that’s awesome. What a good news. Then I’ll get to it asap. A huge thanks to the team.


Were you able submit your project?

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No bro. The project I chose to work on too me time. I ran into a few flaws which I needed to deal with. Besides I do go to church of Sundays so I couldn’t do anything. I only had just Saturday to put up the idea. I will wait for the next batch in July since it happens monthly so I can have enough time to fix the issues. I also wanted to implement Masa in my project. All these, I need time coupled with other endeavors. cc: @celaahl


Its all well…next time

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