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The YouTube video titled “(1674) What if money were beautiful?” explores the concept of transforming money into a more accessible and aesthetically pleasing form. It highlights how money, initially intended as a symbol of hard work, trust, and exchange, has deviated from its original purpose. The video suggests that society has become more focused on financial warfare and debt accumulation rather than fostering community growth. Additionally, it emphasizes the exclusion of 1.7 billion underserved individuals who lack access to money. The video then poses the intriguing question: What if money could be more than just a means of exchange?

The Lost Purpose of Money

Money, once a simple token representing skills, hard work, and trust between individuals, has taken various forms over time. Some versions are plain and unremarkable, while others shine and pay homage to historical leaders or visionaries. However, somewhere along the way, society seems to have lost sight of the true purpose of money. Wars are waged over financial power, both on a large and small scale, with more focus on growing interest on debts amounting to an astonishing $244 trillion rather than nurturing communities.

The Invisible and Underserved

In the pursuit of wealth and power, many individuals are left behind. Approximately 1.7 billion people remain invisible to the financial system, underserved and forgotten. They lack access to money and its benefits, leading to further marginalization and exclusion. The video sheds light on this disparity, highlighting the need for a solution that empowers and connects people, communities, and entire countries.

The Potential of Beautiful Money

The video proposes a captivating idea: What if money could be more accessible and universally symbolic of essential needs, empowerment, and connection? By transforming the concept of money into something beautiful, it suggests that communities and societies could prosper. This new form of money would transcend its role as a mere medium of exchange, becoming a catalyst for positive change and development.

Redefining the Meaning of Money

Redefining the meaning of money would entail shifting focus from accumulating wealth to ensuring that everyone has access to essential resources. This universal symbol would represent more than material possessions; it would embody the values of inclusivity, empowerment, and community. By embracing the concept of beautiful money, societies could move away from financial disparities and towards a more equitable and prosperous future.


In conclusion, the YouTube video “(1674) What if money were beautiful?” challenges the current perception and usage of money. It explores how society has deviated from the original purpose of money, leading to financial warfare and exclusion of underserved individuals. By envisioning money as a beautiful and accessible symbol of essential needs, empowerment, and connection, the video suggests a transformative path towards prosperity and inclusivity. Redefining the meaning of money holds the potential to shift focus from wealth accumulation to equitable resource distribution, paving the way for a brighter future for all.