Celo Bounties at #ETHDenver


The speaker discusses the bounties offered by Celo at the ETHDenver event. They emphasize the visually appealing bounty page and introduce Celo as an open platform for financial innovation accessible via mobile phones.

Bounty 1: Port the Unicorn

The first bounty is called “Port the Unicorn,” which involves porting popular Ethereum dApps, including Uniswap, to the Celo blockchain. Participants are encouraged to take inspiration from their favorite Ethereum dApps and smart contracts. The bounty offers two prizes of $500 each, and there are helpful links and guides available for getting started with building and porting to Celo.

Bounty 2: You Had Me at Celo

This bounty focuses on mission-aligned projects that benefit the 1.7 billion people without bank accounts but with access to mobile phones. Participants are encouraged to create social impact projects related to blockchain and mobile-first solutions. Two prizes of $500 each are available, and resources such as Grantee, Project Impact Market, and Path Market are recommended.

Bounty 3: Press with Special

This bounty is inspired by James’ work on interoperability and bridges. Participants are invited to contribute to bridging and interoperability projects, including chain-agnostic tools and JSON-RPC or IPFS-related initiatives. The bounty offers a prize of $500, and various resources and examples are provided to help participants get started.

Additional Bounties

There are three additional bonus bounties available:

Bounty 4: Fears Governor

This bounty encourages participants to innovate on the Celo voting system. Possible ideas include enabling voting through mobile phones or creating a validator dashboard. The prize for this bounty is $500, and examples of existing governance tooling are provided.

Bounty 5: The Big Cheese

“The Big Cheese” bounty is open to any project related to mission alignment or Velora integration. Two winners will receive $1,000 each, and relevant documentation and links are provided.

Bounty 6: People’s Choice Award

The “People’s Choice Award” will be determined through a Twitter poll. Participants can submit their projects for consideration, and the winning project will receive a $500 prize.

Bounty 7: OG Celo Bonus

This bounty rewards developers who create unique dApps exclusively on Celo. The prize includes two awards of $500 each and emphasizes creativity, complexity, and originality.

Event Updates

The speaker shares updates about upcoming events at ETHDenver. These include a live stream for the Plumo ceremony, featuring notable contributors, and an AMA session with Anna Rose and Finn Prestwick. The Plumo ceremony enables instant blockchain syncing through an ultra-light client, making it significantly faster than existing methods. The speaker encourages attendees to participate in these events and expresses excitement about the innovative use of zero-knowledge snarks.


The speaker concludes the live stream by inviting participants to explore the Celo bounties on the ETHDenver website. They provide contact information, such as Twitter and Discord, for further assistance. The speaker expresses anticipation for the projects that will be built during the event and encourages attendees to join the live stream and engage with the Celo community.