Celo Connect Founder Spotlight: Meet Florian Rehm of Wildchain

The video features Florian Rehm, the founder of Wildchain, and focuses on his journey as an entrepreneur and his involvement in the Celo Connect ecosystem. Below, we’ll delve into the key points covered in the video.


The video begins with an introduction to Florian Rehm and his background. Florian is the co-founder of Wildchain, a project that aims to leverage blockchain technology for wildlife conservation. He has a background in finance and sustainability and has worked with various organizations before venturing into the blockchain space.

Florian’s Journey and the Birth of Wildchain

Florian shares his journey as an entrepreneur and how he became interested in the intersection of technology and sustainability. He explains how he discovered blockchain and recognized its potential to address challenges in wildlife conservation. This realization led him to establish Wildchain, a project that utilizes blockchain to promote and support conservation efforts.

Wildchain’s Mission and Impact

Florian discusses Wildchain’s mission, which is to create a unique connection between people and wildlife through blockchain technology. He explains how the project aims to raise funds for wildlife conservation initiatives by gamifying the process. Users can collect digital wildlife tokens and trade them on the platform, with a portion of the proceeds going towards conservation projects.

Involvement with Celo Connect

Florian highlights Wildchain’s involvement with Celo Connect, an ecosystem built on the Celo blockchain. He explains the benefits of using Celo, such as its low-cost transactions and focus on financial inclusion. Wildchain leverages Celo’s technology to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for its platform users.

Collaboration and Future Plans

Florian emphasizes the importance of collaboration in the blockchain space. He discusses Wildchain’s partnerships and how they work together with other organizations and projects to achieve their conservation goals. Florian also shares his vision for the future, mentioning plans to expand Wildchain’s impact by integrating with additional blockchain ecosystems and reaching a larger user base.


The video concludes with a recap of Florian’s journey as an entrepreneur and the mission of Wildchain. It emphasizes the potential of blockchain technology to drive positive change in wildlife conservation and highlights the importance of collaboration and partnerships within the ecosystem.

By watching this video, viewers gain insights into Florian Rehm’s entrepreneurial journey, Wildchain’s mission, their involvement with Celo Connect, and their plans for the future. The video serves as an inspiring example of how blockchain technology can be harnessed for social and environmental impact.