Celo Governance Call #1


The Celo Governance Call discussed various proposals and upcoming events related to the Celo platform. This summary provides an overview of the main points discussed during the call.

Schedule for Mainnet Proposal

The call began with a discussion about the schedule for the mainnet proposal. The core contracts had been previously covered, and rough consensus was reached to proceed with the four contracts. The proposal for mainnet was scheduled for November 10, followed by approval on November 11. A voting period would take place from November 11 to 16, and the execution of the proposal was planned for November 16. The participants were reminded to participate in the governance process and were informed that the dates would be sent out as a reminder.

CIP Process

The Celo Improvement Proposal (CIP) process was discussed next. The review period for the CIP had ended, and the feedback received from various contributors was overall positive, with no objections to the proposal. The CIP process was active, and an announcement had been made on Discord. A reminder would be sent via the mailing list to encourage participation and address any questions or concerns.

Proposal: CPP14 - Rewards for Celo Dollar Adopters

The first proposal discussed was CPP14, which aimed to reward early adopters of Celo Dollars and users of Celo as a payment platform with the Selo token. The objective was to strengthen the community by incentivizing and rewarding those who contribute to Celo’s mission of creating prosperity for everyone. The proposal suggested distributing Celo tokens to addresses that completed attestations, such as new phone number verifications and sending/receiving transactions. The proposal was still in the idea stage and needed further development before submission as an on-chain governance proposal.

Proposal: CPP15 - Adding Zcash to the Celo Treasury

The second proposal, CPP15, focused on adding Zcash (ZEC) to the Celo Treasury. The goal was to diversify the Celo reserve, providing stability for Celo USD and exploring potential collaborations between Celo and Zcash. Zcash, a proof-of-work token, offered a technological and mission alignment with Celo’s mobile-first strategy. The proposal aimed to initiate a symbolic allocation of Zcash to the Celo reserve to stimulate further discussions and explore potential synergies between the two projects.

Feedback and Discussion

During the call, participants provided feedback and engaged in discussions regarding the proposed rewards for Celo Dollar adopters and the addition of Zcash to the Celo Treasury. Questions were raised about attack resistance, correlation with other assets in the reserve, and potential collaborations between Celo and Zcash. Concerns were expressed about the potential for manipulation and the need to balance incentives with meaningful work. It was suggested to start with a smaller initial round for testing and learning purposes. Participants were encouraged to continue the discussion on the forum and make forum posts summarizing the proposals and next steps.


The first Celo Governance Call covered the schedule for the mainnet proposal, discussed the CIP process, and introduced two proposals: CPP14 for rewarding Celo Dollar adopters and CPP15 for adding Zcash to the Celo Treasury. Feedback and discussions highlighted the importance of balancing incentives, addressing potential attack scenarios, and exploring synergies between different projects. The participants were encouraged to further contribute to the proposals by making forum posts and continuing the conversation in the community.