Celo Governance Call 5: Governance Working Group


The transcript highlights a special governance call known as the Governor’s Working Group call. The purpose of this call is to discuss and determine what Governor’s 2.0 would look like on Stello. The participants are welcomed, and the agenda for the call is introduced.

Hard Fork Announcement

A heads-up is given regarding an upcoming hard fork for Baklava, scheduled to be released next week. The version 1.3.0 beta will be released with the hardcore activation block set for Baklava. Users are notified to upgrade within 12 days after the release. The information will be shared via email, Discord, and the Seller Signal mailing list.

Governance Proposal Categories

The tensions and agenda items for discussion are presented. One of the tensions mentioned is about having specific categories for Governor’s proposals, particularly for parameter changes. Participants are encouraged to review this as part of their preparation. Another tension raised is related to governable parameters and tracking them through the CIP (Celo Improvement Proposal) process. The issue of Seller CLI governance view is also mentioned, and it is suggested to create tickets to address it. Additionally, the Governor’s 2.0 concept is introduced, and participants are invited to review the associated document.

Audience Engagement and Process

The discussion expands to include considerations about the audience and how to engage non-technical participants. It is proposed to rename the governance call to something more inclusive and less intimidating for non-core developers. The focus is on technical solutions and potential improvements, ensuring clarity and ease of participation for all stakeholders.

CIP and CGP Process

The CIP process, which specifies improvements to the Celo blockchain protocol, is explained. It requires multi-sig approval and goes through various stages, including the proposal stage and the referendum stage. The importance of clear documentation and step-by-step processes is emphasized, using examples like Cosmology and CIPU002. The idea of maintaining an active document for governable parameters is suggested, and the need for clear communication to the community is emphasized.

Engaging Non-Technical Users

Suggestions are made to simplify the governance process and improve user engagement. One idea is to provide more human-readable descriptors and a TL;DR section at the top to make it accessible to non-technical users. The importance of incentivizing engagement, particularly among validators, is highlighted. Engaging the broader Celo community and making the governance process accessible to all is also stressed.

Action Items and Next Steps

The call wraps up with action items and next steps. Suggestions are made to work on the template and process for governance improvement proposals, with different participants taking on specific tasks. The goal is to achieve a clear and user-friendly governance process, considering the needs of both technical and non-technical users.