Celo Tech Talks Part 12 WS3 - Building your first DApps on Celo


The transcript is from a Celo Tech Talk session hosted by Judy Piper, an engineer at Sea Labs. The session focuses on building decentralized applications (DApps) on the Celo blockchain. The goal of the Tech Talk series is to share and spread knowledge about Celo technology within the growing Celo community.

Introducing Barbara and Recap of Previous Sessions

Barbara, who previously joined the session, is introduced as the speaker for this session. She leads the Developer Experience Engineering team at Sea Labs, responsible for building tools and resources for the Celo developer community. A quick recap is provided for the first two sessions, which covered topics such as web 2 vs. web 3, smart contracts, and DApp architecture.

Overview of Agenda

The agenda for the session is outlined as follows:

  1. Recap of the first two sessions
  2. Mobile development tools overview
  3. Overview of various tools needed for building DApps
  4. Example DApp demonstration

Recap of Previous Sessions

In the first session, an overview of DApp architecture was provided, emphasizing the similarities between web 2 and web 3, with the key difference being the platform and tools used. The second session delved into the specifics of smart contracts and the blockchain, highlighting the immutability of the blockchain and the need to redeploy smart contracts to make changes.

Mobile Development Tools

The session focuses on mobile development with Celo, as Celo is a mobile-first blockchain. ContractKit, a tool that wraps the Web3 object, is introduced, which allows developers to interact with Celo nodes’ JSON-RPC API. The familiarity of ContractKit for Ethereum developers is mentioned. Expo, a framework for React Native, is also highlighted as a way for web developers to build mobile applications without extensive mobile development knowledge.

Overview of Tools

Several tools are mentioned that are useful for building DApps on Celo. These include:

  • Celo CLI: A command-line interface tool for interacting with Celo accounts.
  • Alpha Horus: A testnet for testing transactions with pretend money.
  • Expo: A framework for developing mobile applications using React Native.
  • Celo Wallet: A developer wallet for signing and sending transactions.
  • Faucet: A tool to obtain testnet funds for development purposes.

Example DApp and Conclusion

An example DApp is discussed, which involves interacting with smart contracts using ContractKit and DAppKit. The session concludes by directing participants to find tutorials, technical details, and documentation about Celo at cell.org and docs.celo.org. The Celo developer community can be engaged through the Celo Discord channel, and contributors are welcome to explore the source code and contribute to the Celo project.