Complete Guide to Building a Supply Chain Smart Contract in Solidity and Deploying it on the Celo Blockchain

Discover how to create a robust and transparent supply chain management system on the Celo blockchain. In this step-by-step tutorial, we will guide you through the process of building a SupplyChain smart contract using Solidity. Harness the power of the Celo blockchain to track product ownership, manage quantities, and enable secure transfers. Learn about essential functions such as creating a product, adding and reducing quantities, retrieving product counts and ownership history, verifying product authenticity, transferring ownership, and removing products. With a focus on the Celo blockchain, you’ll gain valuable insights into deploying smart contracts on this fast and cost-effective platform. Empower your supply chain with transparency, traceability, and efficiency by leveraging the Celo blockchain and the SupplyChain smart contract.


Will it later implement a hybrid smart contract to access off-chain data?

The contract will not include accessing or integrating off-chain data sources, I would need Oracle services to implement that. Now you know hope you’re planning to vote.

You can write another tutorial that integrates hybrid smart contract to access off-chain data once I’m done.

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No, I’m just asking, maybe it could be a suggestion

Alright cool, Kindly check out my proposal and upvote if you deem it fit. Thanks

@dhruv I sent you a personal message, I don’t know if our proposals is actually conflicting.