Decentralized Backend Ad Network Platform on Celo Using Solidity and Hardhat

This topic focuses on building a decentralized frontend ad network platform on the Celo blockchain using React and JavaScript.

The platform will leverage Celo’s decentralized infrastructure to ensure transparency, security, and efficiency in ad placements. By utilizing React and JavaScript, developers can build a user-friendly and dynamic user interface for seamless ad management and interaction.


The idea is to leverage the Celo blockchain to create a decentralized ad network platform where advertisers can directly connect with publishers, streamlining the ad placement process in Web3.

By removing intermediaries, the platform aims to reduce costs, increase transparency, and provide fair compensation to publishers.

Advertisers will have the ability to target specific audiences, track ad performance, and make payments securely using Celo’s blockchain capabilities.

Problem Statement:

The current advertising ecosystem often involves multiple intermediaries, leading to high fees, a lack of transparency, and delayed payments for publishers.

Fraudulent activities and issues related to ad viewability further hamper the effectiveness of traditional ad networks.

The problem statement is to address these pain points and create a decentralized front-end ad network on Celo that offers a more efficient and transparent advertising solution.

Core Aim:

The core aim of this project is to enable direct interaction between advertisers and publishers on a decentralized platform built on Celo.

By leveraging Celo’s features such as smart contracts and decentralized identity, the platform aims to facilitate secure and transparent ad placements.

The project seeks to provide a seamless user experience, efficient targeting options, real-time ad performance tracking, and fair compensation for publishers.

Required Dev Stacks:

To build this dApp on the Celo blockchain, the following development stacks are needed:

  1. React: Utilize React, a popular JavaScript library, for building the front-end user interface of the ad network platform. React’s component-based architecture and efficient rendering capabilities will enable the creation of a dynamic and interactive user interface.

  2. JavaScript: Use JavaScript, a widely-used programming language, to handle the logic and functionality of the front-end application. JavaScript will enable developers to implement user interactions, data management, and integration with Celo’s blockchain features.

  3. Celo Blockchain: Leverage the Celo blockchain for storing smart contracts and executing secure and transparent transactions related to ad placements, payments, and performance tracking. Interact with Celo’s APIs and utilize relevant libraries for seamless integration with the front-end application.

  4. Smart Contracts: Develop and deploy smart contracts on the Celo blockchain to handle functionalities such as ad placement, targeting, payments, and performance tracking. Utilize Solidity, the programming language for writing smart contracts, to define the logic and rules governing the ad network platform.

By combining React, JavaScript, and Celo’s blockchain infrastructure, developers can create a decentralized frontend ad network platform on Celo that offers a transparent, efficient, and user-friendly solution for advertisers and publishers.


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Decentralized Backend Ad Network Platform on Celo Using Solidity and Hardhat

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