Greetings from Kenya | Kuneco April 2021


In this video, we will provide a summary of the “Greetings from Kenya | Kuneco April 2021” transcript. The event discussed innovating with money to create social and environmental impact, focusing on the partnership between Kuneco and Position. We’ll cover key points from the conversation and provide an overview of the agenda for the event.

Overview of Kuneco and Position

Kuneco is a space that aims to foster togetherness in the cellular community. The event highlighted the partnership between Kuneco and Position, a digital financial ecosystem for underserved MSMES (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) in Africa. Position’s CEO, Shil Shah, discussed the challenges faced by MSMES, such as limited access to fast and affordable finance.

Addressing the Challenges

Position’s mission is to financially empower underserved MSMES in Africa. They achieve this by connecting MSMES to capital through their crowd lending marketplace. Position handles various aspects of the lending process, including lead generation, vetting and evaluation of businesses, and onboarding investors. They use a technology infrastructure to facilitate the end-to-end process, including payments, communication, and verification checks.

Collaborating with Cello

Position faces frictions in the flow of funds from lenders to MSMES, such as slow transfers, transfer costs, forex costs, and mobile money interoperability issues. To address these challenges, Position partnered with Cello and its network to reduce friction points along the crowd lending flow. The collaboration aims to make transactions faster, cheaper, and more secure. With Cello’s support, Position projects to support over 10,000 MSMES and create or sustain 20,000 jobs in the next two years.

Agenda Overview

The event’s agenda includes various discussions and sessions related to Cello and its educational programs. Here’s a brief overview of the agenda:

  1. Educational Programs on Cello: The event begins with an overview of the educational programs offered by Cello. Daniel Romarti, who supports Cello’s education initiatives, provides insights into these programs.
  2. Panel Discussion on New Currencies on Cello: A panel discussion focuses on the topic of new currencies on Cello, exploring their potential and impact.
  3. Discussion with Compound and Milton Demiros: There will be a discussion featuring Robert Lesnar from Compound and Milton Demiros. This discussion will likely cover bridging topics between different platforms and provide valuable insights.
  4. Tech Stream: There will be a parallel tech stream where Deepak and Josh host sessions. The first session is an honest discussion on building on Cello and Ethereum. The second session is a cryptography workshop.


The “Greetings from Kenya | Kuneco April 2021” event showcased the collaboration between Kuneco and Position to address the financial challenges faced by underserved MSMES in Africa. The partnership aims to improve access to finance through a crowd lending marketplace. The event’s agenda included discussions on educational programs, new currencies on Cello, and technology-focused sessions. By leveraging the Cello ecosystem, Position aims to support thousands of MSMES and create job opportunities in the coming years.