Hello from Brazil


Welcome to “Hello from Brazil.” In this video, we will explore the highlights of a presentation given by Fernando, the Ecosystem Lead for Brazil at SEA Labs. The presentation focuses on how innovating on money can create social and environmental impact. We’ll learn about Brazil’s digital banking inclusion, the challenges of financial services, a recent donation campaign, and glimpses of Brazil’s beautiful landscapes. So let’s dive in!

Digital Banking Inclusion in Brazil

Brazil boasts one of the highest rates of digital banking inclusion among emerging markets. This surprising fact can be attributed to the country’s history of rampant inflation in the 80s and 90s. Faced with the need to innovate or perish, banks in Brazil embraced digital infrastructure early on. As a result, online banking and banking apps became commonplace in Brazil. However, despite technological accessibility, financial services remain expensive, which poses a challenge to the population.

The Need for New Forms of Saving and Money Management

With the recent pandemic, Brazil’s economy and politics have been in chaos, leading to a real threat of inflation. In such a scenario, new forms of saving and managing money become crucial. The presentation highlights the importance of exploring alternative solutions to address the financial challenges faced by individuals and businesses in Brazil.

The Donation Campaign with Local Exchange Flow BTC

To promote social impact and combat the climate crisis, Brazil initiated a donation campaign in collaboration with the local exchange Flow BTC. The campaign involved people nominating initiatives, projects, and NGOs in two categories: social impact and climate crisis management. Over 700 social media posts nominated a total of 140 institutions or initiatives. A panel of judges selected six initiatives—three for each category—to receive funds in the form of Cell Dollars. This campaign aims to support and foster social impact and environmental initiatives.

Discovering Brazil’s Beauty

Throughout the presentation, glimpses of Brazil’s natural beauty were shared. One slide showcased a breathtaking picture of Iguazu Falls, a world-famous landscape. Another video featured São Paulo, known as “Sampa,” highlighting various places near the city. Additionally, a picture of a clear water mountain stream close to São Paulo was shared, representing the Atlantic Forest and the surprising proximity of nature to urban areas. These glimpses offered a taste of Brazil’s diverse and stunning landscapes.

Conclusion and Special Announcement

In conclusion, Brazil’s digital banking inclusion, the challenges of financial services, and initiatives like the donation campaign demonstrate the country’s pursuit of social and environmental impact. The presentation also highlighted the natural beauty found in Brazil’s landscapes, inviting viewers to appreciate its wonders. Following the presentation, there was a special announcement teasing a forthcoming meeting with Sochi, adding an element of anticipation and excitement for the audience.