Integrating 'Blockchain Quiz Challenge' into Celo Academy's Twitter Marketing Strategy


The primary objective of this proposal is to incorporate a ‘Blockchain Quiz Challenge’ into our Twitter marketing strategy. The aim is to augment community engagement, foster a more interactive learning environment, and attract new, developer-oriented followers to our platform.

Implementation Strategy

Quiz Challenges

  1. Engagement through Challenges: Introduce a regular ‘Blockchain Quiz Challenge’ on Twitter. The quiz content will revolve around blockchain technology, Celo Academy, and other well-known blockchain projects.
  2. Participation Criteria: Participants will follow our account, respond to the quiz tweet with their answers, and include a dedicated campaign hashtag, for instance, #CeloQuizChallenge.
  3. Winner Selection: Winners can be selected randomly or based on accuracy, contingent on the quiz’s format and complexity.
  4. Influencer Collaboration: Form partnerships with influencers in the blockchain space who can post the quiz challenge on their pages, thereby directing their followers to our platform.

Promotion Strategy

  1. Quiz Announcement: Extensively promote the ‘Blockchain Quiz Challenge’ on our Twitter feed, utilizing compelling graphics and question teasers.
  2. Cross-Promotion: Leverage partnerships with influencers for promoting the quiz on their platforms, thereby expanding our audience reach.
  3. Quiz Updates: Maintain participant enthusiasm through regular updates about the quiz, such as leaderboards, participant testimonials, or previews of upcoming questions.
  4. Winner Announcement: Celebrate winners by announcing them publicly. Share their Twitter handles, winning answers, and possibly a brief bio or interview highlighting their interest in blockchain and Celo Academy.

Expected Outcomes

The proposed ‘Blockchain Quiz Challenge’ aims to:

  1. Increase follower engagement by offering an interactive, educational experience on our Twitter platform.
  2. Expand our audience reach, particularly among developer-oriented followers, by leveraging influencer collaborations.
  3. Strengthen Celo Academy’s reputation as a leading knowledge hub in the Celo and broader blockchain ecosystem.

In summary, this initiative aligns with our broader objective of establishing Celo Academy as an interactive, resource-rich community for blockchain developers. We believe the ‘Blockchain Quiz Challenge’ can significantly enhance our community engagement and brand reach, further empowering our mission to support developers in the Celo Ecosystem.


This is a very interesting and intriguing way to increase the academy’s engagement and exposure , kudos brother @maxwellonyeka2487


An effective way of attracting developers’ interest, and raise the engagement bar on this platform. Kudos, man!

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