Introducing New Platform Features Template


  • Brief overview of the feature.
  • Why it’s important in the context of decentralized applications and Celo Academy.

Function and Purpose

  • Detailed explanation of the primary function of the feature.
  • The specific problem it solves within the context of Celo Academy.

Integration with Celo Academy

  • How the feature fits into the Celo Academy platform and contributes to its mission.
  • The synergy of this feature with other features of the platform.

Use Cases

  • Provide real-world examples or hypothetical scenarios where the feature can be useful.
  • Discuss how the feature enhances these use cases.

Getting Started

  • A step-by-step guide, or overview, on how to implement the feature into a project.
  • Include any initialization or configuration code snippets, if applicable.

Technical Requirements

  • Outline the prerequisites for using this feature (e.g., programming languages, APIs, etc.).
  • Any environmental or system requirements needed.


  • Discuss its compatibility with other technologies or platforms frequently used in Celo Academy.


  • Address any potential limitations or constraints associated with the feature.
  • Discuss possible ways to work around these limitations, if any.

Impact on Performance or Efficiency

  • Explain how the feature contributes to the performance, security, or efficiency of Celo Academy.


  • Detail the cost of using this feature, if any.
  • Discuss any conditions that could affect the cost.

Future Developments

  • Discuss any upcoming improvements or developments planned for this feature.
  • Explain how these future changes could benefit users of the feature.

Support and Resources

  • Provide links or references to documentation, tutorials, community discussions, or support channels related to the feature.


  • Recap the key points made in the post.
  • Encourage readers to try out the feature and provide feedback.