It's official: Celo Mainnet is here


In this YouTube video titled “(1674) It’s official: Celo Mainnet is here,” various individuals introduce themselves and share their thoughts on Celo, a blockchain project. They express excitement about the project and discuss their reasons for being involved.

Community Support and Values:

The video begins with individuals introducing themselves, including Hyoga, Wade, Rose, Clark, Andrew, Peter, and David. They mention their involvement in the blockchain industry and express their enthusiasm for Celo’s values and ideologies. They discuss the desire to help one another despite the competitive nature of the world and highlight the strong community support behind Celo.

Warmth and Kindness in the Community:

The participants emphasize the warmth and kindness they have experienced within the Celo community. They appreciate the mix of amateurs and professionals among the validators, noting that everyone brings their unique skill set to benefit the community. They express gratitude for the support they have received and remark on the amazing experience of being part of the Celo development.

Distributed Community and Global Support:

The video acknowledges the distributed nature of the Celo community, with participants mentioning that there is always someone available to respond due to the community’s worldwide presence. They attribute the success of Celo to the collaborative efforts and contributions of individuals from different backgrounds, pooling their resources and knowledge to support one another.

Invitation to Join the Journey:

The participants extend an invitation to those who have not yet validated to join the Celo community and find joy in the journey ahead. They express confidence in Celo’s future and believe that it is destined to succeed. They praise the supportive nature of the community and express pride in being part of it.

Closing Remarks:

The video concludes with a message of gratitude to the Celo community for their dedication and hard work. The participants express their pride in being involved and highlight the positive impact Celo is making.


The YouTube video features individuals from the Celo community expressing their excitement and support for the Celo blockchain project. They highlight the values and ideologies of Celo, emphasizing the community’s passion and willingness to help one another. The participants appreciate the warmth and kindness within the community, and they highlight the collaborative efforts of both amateurs and professionals. The distributed nature of the community is also acknowledged, with global support available around the clock. They invite others to join the Celo community and express confidence in its future success. The video concludes with gratitude and pride for being part of the Celo community.