Kuneco Celo Community Call (Jan, '22)

Welcome to the Kuneco Celo Community Call! In this tutorial, we’ll provide a summary of the call’s transcript, highlighting the key announcements and updates shared during the session.


The call covered various topics, including project updates, new project launches, community spotlights, announcements, and the monthly community builder award winner. Here’s an overview of the agenda:

  1. Project Updates
  2. Velora: In-App DApps Page and DApp Bake-Off
  3. Symmetric: Introduction to the Commodities Market
  4. Resource Network: 2022 Intentions
  5. Celo.Tax: Dashboard for Rewards and Capital Gains
  6. NonStick: Introduction to Nom Space
  7. Lula: Off-Ramp for the Ecosystem
  8. Cocopaddle: Support for Crypto Adoption in Venezuela
  9. Wall: High-Performance Transaction Main Pool
  10. Espresso: Next Hard Fork Announcement
  11. Community Announcements and Developer Updates
  12. Monthly Community Builder Award Winner Announcement

Let’s dive into each section to learn more.

Project Updates

Silas from Velora shared two updates. The first was about an upcoming feature called the In-App DApps Page. It aims to provide users with a curated list of decentralized applications (DApps) within the Velora app, allowing them to explore the broader Celo ecosystem easily.

The second update was about the DApp Bake-Off contest sponsored by Velora. Builders were encouraged to participate by featuring their DApps on Velora’s DApps page. Winners would have their DApps showcased and receive cash prizes. Analytic data collected during the contest would be shared with the community to help builders serve Celo users better.

Velora: In-App DApps Page and DApp Bake-Off

Velora, as an introduction to crypto and blockchain technologies, plans to launch an in-app DApps page. This feature will enable users to explore the Celo ecosystem and leverage their crypto assets directly from their mobile devices. The page will provide a curated list of DApps.

Velora also announced the DApp Bake-Off contest, inviting builders to submit their DApps for a chance to be featured on Velora’s DApps page. Participants would gain exposure to thousands of new users, and winners would continue to have their DApps featured even after the contest concludes.

Symmetric: Introduction to the Commodities Market

Symmetric is a platform bringing stocks, commodities, and synthetic assets to Celo. They presented their progress during the off-site meeting in Lisbon and emphasized the importance of educating the Celo community about decentralized finance (DeFi) and long-term investment strategies.

Symmetric announced the upcoming release of Symmetric Version 2, which would expand the range of assets and pools available. The new version would enhance the user experience, offer improved interfaces, and provide opportunities for users to hold tokens, provide liquidity, and earn rewards with limited impermanent loss.

Resource Network: 2022 Intentions

Resource Network shared their intentions for 2022, focusing on areas of development. They released a dashboard (cello.tax) that allows users to connect their wallets and view summaries of their rewards, capital gains, and interest income. This tool aims to provide transparency and insights into financial activities on Celo.

NonStick: Introduction to Nom Space

NonStick introduced Nom Space, a global web 3 username service that allows individuals to own and manage their dot-nom domains. They launched the NonStrong Builder Program, offering free vouchers for developers who integrate dot-nom into existing apps. NonStick also expressed their commitment to partnerships and supporting other Celo projects.

Lula: Off-Ramp for the Ecosystem

Lula presented their project as an off-ramp solution for the Celo ecosystem. They aim to provide users with a seamless and user-friendly experience to convert their crypto assets into fiat currencies. Lula highlighted the importance of bridging the gap between the digital and traditional financial systems, enabling users to easily access and utilize their Celo assets.

Cocopaddle: Support for Crypto Adoption in Venezuela

Cocopaddle discussed their efforts to support crypto adoption in Venezuela. They emphasized the importance of financial inclusion and the positive impact that cryptocurrencies can have on individuals and communities facing economic challenges. Cocopaddle shared their collaboration with local organizations to educate and provide resources for Venezuelans to participate in the Celo ecosystem.

Wall: High-Performance Transaction Main Pool

Wall introduced their project, which aims to provide a high-performance transaction main pool for the Celo network. They highlighted the need for efficient and scalable transaction processing to support the growing demand on the Celo blockchain. Wall’s solution aims to enhance the network’s throughput and reduce transaction latency, improving the overall user experience.

Espresso: Next Hard Fork Announcement

Espresso announced the upcoming hard fork for the Celo blockchain. They provided an overview of the key features and improvements that would be included in the update. Some of the highlights mentioned were enhanced security measures, protocol optimizations, and new governance capabilities. Espresso encouraged the community to stay updated and participate in the hard fork process.

Community Announcements and Developer Updates

During this section, various community announcements and developer updates were shared. These included:

  • Launch of the Celo Foundation Grants Program: The Celo Foundation introduced a grants program to support projects and initiatives that contribute to the growth and development of the Celo ecosystem. They encouraged developers and community members to submit their project proposals for funding consideration.
  • Celo Developer Resources: The Celo Developer team highlighted the availability of resources and documentation to support developers in building on the Celo platform. They provided links to developer guides, documentation, and community forums where developers can find assistance and connect with fellow builders.
  • Upcoming Events and Workshops: Several events and workshops were announced, including virtual meetups, coding sessions, and educational webinars. These events aimed to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking within the Celo community.
  • Community Feedback and Suggestions: The community was encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions on various aspects of the Celo ecosystem, including wallet user experience, developer tools, and governance processes. The Celo team emphasized the importance of community input in shaping the future of the platform.

Monthly Community Builder Award Winner Announcement

The call concluded with the announcement of the Monthly Community Builder Award winner. This award recognizes individuals or projects that have made significant contributions to the Celo ecosystem. The winner was acknowledged for their outstanding work and received recognition from the community.