Kuneco, Celo’s Community Call


We will summarize the transcript of the Kuneco, Celo’s Community Call. The call includes updates and highlights from various projects and individuals within the Celo ecosystem. We will cover key points from the transcript and provide subheadings to organize the information effectively.

Highlights and Gratitude

The call begins with expressions of gratitude for the participants who attended the Celo salon in Paris and the opportunity to meet new people interested in building on Celo. The participants reflect on the highlights of the week, including the pleasure of meeting in person and hosting the Dowsing Communities Day.

Updates from Ecosystem Projects

Toucan Protocol

John from Toucan Protocol shares his impressions of the week, mentioning the ongoing Sustainable Blockchain Summit and various events organized by Climate Collective. He highlights the sense-making workshops that brought together members of the Refi ecosystem to gather different perspectives and align on common language and messaging.

Good Ghosting

Alexey from Good Ghosting announces the launch of Good Ghosting V2, which introduces new features to help users build better financial habits. They have also created two pools, one for impact markets and another for plastics, to support projects in the space.

Climate Collective

Craig from Climate Collective emphasizes the importance of in-person interactions and the need for more inclusion in the community. They are mapping their web3 marketplace and recognize the significance of their mission regardless of market conditions.

Mento Team

Alexey from the Mento Team expresses excitement about the connections made during the Cell Salon and announces upcoming governance proposals to improve user experience and foster adoption of Celo.

Ethic Hub

Gabriela from Ethic Hub thanks Celo for creating a space to gather projects and create synergies. She mentions their focus on connecting decentralized finance (DeFi) to the real world and mentions winter-proof products and staking on behalf of farmers.

Talon Protocol

Felipe from Talon Protocol discusses the challenges of defining decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and highlights their efforts in exploring opportunities outside traditional startup models. He invites applications for the Talent House event.


Yaz from Ocelot provides updates on the activities of Ocelot, the Original Celo Treasury. They have supported various initiatives, including Gitcoin grants, the Z Prize competition, and supporting web3 companies in emerging markets.

Social Stack

Fiverr from Social Stack expresses gratitude for the opportunity to connect with the Celo ecosystem. They mention a pitch-a-thon event aimed at bridging the gap between developers and product leaders.

Celo Foundation

Brandy from Celo Foundation discusses the diversity in the space and announces a pitch-a-thon event to connect product leaders, designers, and founders. The event aims to foster collaboration and receive feedback for iterative improvement.

Community Award

The call concludes with an announcement of a community award, and the participants express their appreciation for the event and look forward to future achievements.


The Kuneco, Celo’s Community Call provided an opportunity for various projects within the Celo ecosystem to share updates and highlights. The call emphasized the importance of in-person connections, the need for inclusivity, and ongoing efforts to build and foster adoption on Celo. The projects discussed updates, upcoming events, and the mission-driven nature of their work. The participants expressed gratitude for the event and excitement for the future of the Celo ecosystem.


René is a great communicator. He lit up the party by spotting the French flag analogy.