Kuneco Community Call 2_17_23


Welcome to the Kuneco Community Call held on February 17, 2023. This post will provide a summary of the call, including important points discussed by the speakers. Let’s dive into the details!

Agenda and Rules

The call began with Danielle from the Cello Foundation welcoming everyone and explaining the rules of the call. She mentioned that the call was being recorded, and notes would be taken for documentation purposes. The recording and notes would be available on the Cello Forum under the Connector category. Participants were requested to keep their microphones off until it was their time to speak, and Nestor, the co-host, would activate their microphones. Danielle would facilitate the conversation, calling on participants for presentations or questions.

Agenda Items

The agenda for the call consisted of three main items, each with 15 minutes allocated for presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A. The speakers and their topics were as follows:

  1. Brian T. Morton (Sealab CEO) - Cello 2.0: Brian presented the roadmap for the future of the Cello blockchain, focusing on scalability through the deployment of Roll-Ups and L2s, improving the developer experience, and ensuring compatibility with Ethereum and other EVM chains.
  2. List Strong (TikTok Content Creator) - Storytelling about Cello: List Strong shared her experience as a Cello Foundation grantee and discussed her work in telling the story of Cello through her TikTok channel, targeting institutional interest in cryptocurrencies.
  3. Jackie Bona (Valora CEO) - Valora Anniversary and Updates: Jackie celebrated the two-year anniversary of Valora and provided updates on the progress and future plans of the Valora platform, emphasizing its role as a gateway to web3 dapps and solutions built on Cello.

Highlights from Presentations

The presentations covered various topics related to Cello and its ecosystem. Brian T. Morton highlighted the achievements of Cello so far, including the fulfillment of the promises outlined in the Cello white paper. He discussed the importance of scalability and developer experience, emphasizing the use of Roll-Ups and L2s for horizontal scaling and seamless integration with Ethereum.

List Strong shared her journey as a TikTok content creator and the interest she observed in cryptocurrencies among institutions. She discussed the importance of explaining problems and providing solutions before introducing crypto concepts to the average user, and showcased the success of her TikTok videos in reaching a wide audience.

Jackie Bona celebrated the growth of Valora over the past two years, with a focus on enhancing discoverability and expanding user accessibility. She mentioned recent product updates and initiatives to celebrate the community through NFTs representing different user personas.

Q&A and Announcements

After the presentations, a brief Q&A session took place, allowing participants to ask questions and seek clarifications. The speakers responded to the questions, providing valuable insights and engaging with the community.

An announcement was made regarding the opening of Cellcom Cello Cup Batch 7, encouraging participants to apply if they were working on a project.


The Kuneco Community Call on February 17, 2023, provided valuable updates and insights into Cello and its ecosystem. The speakers discussed Cello 2.0, storytelling through TikTok, and the progress of Valora. The call fostered engagement through Q&A and provided an opportunity for community announcements. Stay tuned for more updates and events from the Cello community!

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