Mobile Blockchain Development Certification


Welcome to your journey towards the Mobile Development for Celo Blockchaini Certificate at Celo Academy! For this certification, you will demonstrate your proficiency as a developer by leveraging your mobile development skills within the dynamic environment of the Celo ecosystem. By mastering the tools and methodologies necessary to design, implement, and deploy decentralized applications (dApps), you’ll make a mark in the tech landscape and equip yourself with skills sought after in the rapidly evolving tech industry.

Levels of Achievement

This certification program is designed to reflect your growing expertise in mobile development within the Celo ecosystem. As you submit your projects, our seasoned mentors will review your work, providing invaluable feedback to help you enhance your skills and build a strong portfolio. Based on your demonstrated skill level and understanding, you’ll be awarded one of three certification levels:

Mobile Blockchain Development Beginner Certification

Mobile Blockchain Development Intermediate Certification

Mobile Blockchain Development Expert Certification

Why Pursue this Certification?

Obtaining the Celo for Mobile Developers Certificate signifies your proven expertise in mobile development within the Celo ecosystem. The project you complete to earn this certification will not only enhance your professional portfolio but will also demonstrate your commitment to becoming a skilled developer. Your capacity to leverage your mobile development skills for creating dApps in Celo will set you apart in the professional world.

Certification Goals

  • Learn Celo for Mobile Development: Establish your expertise in mobile development tools, techniques, and best practices, and demonstrate your understanding of Celo’s unique features.

  • Proficiency in Essential Development Tools: Demonstrate your skill in deploying crucial tools for mobile development within the Celo network, like Celo SDKs, Libraries, and mobile wallets.

  • Innovation within the Celo Ecosystem: Design, develop, and launch a series of dApps of increasing complexity on the Celo network using your mobile development skills.

  • Collaboration and Documentation: Engage with peers, provide comprehensive documentation of your projects, and articulate your thought process and the unique value propositions of your contributions.

  • Continuous Learning and Improvement: Apply feedback, refine your approach, and keep abreast of the fast-evolving landscape of mobile development and blockchain technology.

Complete the Certification Challenge

Welcome to the Celo for Mobile Developers Certification challenge! This is a unique opportunity to demonstrate your understanding and proficiency in mobile development and the Celo ecosystem. This challenge encourages initiative, creativity, and self-guided learning.


The certification encompasses:

  • Gaining a deep understanding of mobile development and Celo’s unique features.
  • Showcasing proficiency with important development tools such as Celo SDKs, Libraries, and mobile wallets.
  • Creating, developing, and launching your individual dApps on the Celo network.
  • Collaborating with fellow developers in the community, sharing insights, and learning collaboratively.
  • Emphasizing financial inclusion in your dApp’s features and functionalities.
  • Embracing continuous learning and improvement in the fast-paced realm of mobile development and blockchain technology.
Objective or Goals

The certification is designed not only to recognize your competency in mobile development and Celo but also to celebrate your personal growth as a developer and innovator. Through this process, you’ll have the chance to bring your unique ideas to fruition and contribute to the Celo ecosystem.


Your certification journey includes the following steps:

  • Dive into a wealth of resources to enhance your understanding of mobile development and Celo.
  • Demonstrate your skills in employing development tools within the Celo network.
  • Design and deploy your own dApps on the Celo network.
  • Engage actively in the developer community, learn from your peers, and apply the feedback received.
  • Document your projects detailing your development process and the value you bring to the Celo ecosystem.

The certification journey is a self-paced process. Typically, learners complete it in 3-4 weeks weeks. However, the focus is on developing quality projects and deepening your understanding, not speed.

Success Criteria

Earning the Celo for Mobile Developers Certificate signifies you’ve showcased your understanding of mobile development and Celo, demonstrated your skills with essential development tools, and made meaningful contributions to the Celo ecosystem with your innovative dApps.

Rubric or Evaluation Criteria

Your submissions will be evaluated on the complexity and innovation of your dApps, your mastery of mobile development tools, your community engagement, your emphasis on financial inclusion, and your capacity to learn from feedback.

Support and Communication Channels

Throughout this journey, the Celo community is there for support, facilitating knowledge sharing and providing constructive feedback.

Submission Guidelines

You can submit your projects through the Celo Certification portal. Your submission should include a link to your project codebase, a detailed README file, and a report documenting your learning journey, challenges encountered, and how you addressed them.

Feedback and Revision

Embrace feedback as a key tool for refinement and growth. Use it to hone your projects and develop your skills further. The Celo for Mobile Developers Certificate journey is not only about earning a certificate but also about continuous learning and growth in the rapidly evolving world of mobile development and blockchain technology.

How to Get Your Certification

Achieving your Mobile Blockchain Development Certification at Celo Academy involves showcasing your practical skills as a blockchain developer. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Project Submission Steps
  • Create a Project: Develop a project utilizing mobile in the blockchain context. Your project should demonstrate a clear understanding of mobile and its application within blockchain development.

  • Prepare Your GitHub Repository: Upload your completed project code into a GitHub repository. Make sure the repository is public and well-organized, with clear documentation in the README file about how to run and test your project.

  • Create a Topic in the Mobile Certification Category: Navigate to the Mobile Certification category on our platform. Create a new topic including the following details:

    • Link to Your GitHub Repository
    • Project Description
    • Project Goals
    • Notes for the Celo Academy Team*
  • Submit Your Project for Review: Once you’ve posted your topic with all the required details, our team at Celo Academy will review your submission. We evaluate projects based on their technical execution, use of mobile in blockchain development, and innovative features or solutions provided.

  • Receive Your Certification: After the review, we will assign a certification level based on the quality and proficiency demonstrated in your work. This certification not only validates your skill in mobile for Blockchain Development but also adds a valuable asset to your professional portfolio.

The journey to your certification is a learning process and an opportunity to sharpen your skills. We encourage creativity, problem-solving, and a commitment to excellence. Best of luck with your certification journey!

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