The Great Celo Stake Off Info Session


The transcript is from a YouTube info session for the “Great Celo Stake Off,” which recently started. The session is interactive and allows participants to ask questions. The team members present in the call are the product manager (speaker), Tim, and Amy.

What is the Stake Off?

The Stake Off is a community project called Solo, which aims to be a public good. It encourages active participation and engagement from early adopters. The objective is to distribute the protocol’s assets to as many stakeholders as possible. The Stake Off is for individuals who enjoy and have a technical inclination towards learning about distributed networks.

Levels of Participation

There are different levels of participation based on technical expertise. Non-technical participants or beginners can pair up with a mentor to fast-track their learning. The Buddy Program allows mentors to assist mentees in earning BTUs (Celo Gold on the test net) and progressing in the Stake Off. Members of the C-Labs team are not eligible to win in the Stake Off.

Challenges and Timings

The Stake Off consists of various challenges. The first challenge, the Attestation Challenge, involves processing text messages and will run from next week until the Christmas break. The second challenge is the Master Validator Challenge, which requires a three-hour remote audit by the team to check operational security. The challenges will continue into Phase 2 and Phase 3, starting in January.

Requirements for Validators

To become a validator, participants need competitive machines with good internet connections and server-class hardware. It is recommended to protect the validator behind a proxy node to prevent attacks. Each validator group can have up to five machines, and there will be opportunities to rotate keys for added security.

Earning BTUs

Participants can earn BTUs through various activities such as running attestation services, validating transactions, and becoming a master validator. The value of BTUs will be calculated at the end of the Stake Off based on the exchange rate. Participants who complete the Buddy Challenge will receive 5% of their mentee’s BTUs.

Communication and Support

Information about the Stake Off is shared through email and forum posts. Discussions and questions can be asked on Discord and the forum to benefit the wider community. There are plans to develop tools to track uptime scores and provide operational insights. Translating content into other languages also presents an opportunity for rewards.

Please note that the information provided is subject to change, and participants are encouraged to refer to the official channels for updates and detailed instructions.