The Ultimate Guide to Building a CELO-Based NFT Pet Store using IPFS

This tutorial is important as it provides a practical and comprehensive guide for building a pet store using the CELO blockchain and NFT technology. It will enable developers to delve into innovative technology, harness the potential of NFTs, integrate the CELO blockchain, foster a community, and advance their blockchain development skills. By following the tutorial, readers will gain a comprehensive understanding of creating a pet store that maximizes the benefits of the CELO blockchain and NFT technology. The tutorial will guide them step-by-step, ensuring they possess the necessary knowledge and direction to construct their own CELO-Based NFT Pet Store.


  • React-Celo
  • Celo contractkit
  • Solidity + Web3js
  • IPFS (InterPlanetary File System)
  • Remix EVN
  • Node.js version 10 or higher
  • MetaMask Wallet

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