What's Next In Web3


The panelists discuss their experiences and skills that influenced their work in the web3 space. They highlight the relevance of customer service, information science, blockchain protocols, and quantitative trading in the context of web3.

Favorite Dapps

The panelists share their favorite decentralized applications (Dapps). One mentions Impact Market, an app on Celo that provides universal basic income (UBI) worldwide. They appreciate the ability of crypto to address real needs and empower communities. Another panelist expresses excitement about bridging apps and the multi-chain world, where money can flow seamlessly between different blockchains. The third panelist focuses on the innovation of bringing new concepts from traditional finance into DeFi, particularly derivatives.

Three Million Dollar Monkeys

The panelists discuss the phenomenon of high-priced NFTs, such as the three million dollar monkeys. One panelist sees it as a status symbol and a signal of wealth, while another believes it represents a community and promises broader use cases beyond mere speculation. They discuss how NFTs can evolve to offer utility and serve real-world purposes.

Feedback for the Web3 Community

The panelists provide feedback on what the web3 community can do better. They emphasize the importance of tools that enable collaborative ownership and investment, which are currently lacking in the Celo ecosystem. They also highlight the potential of interoperability and asset bridging between different chains to facilitate growth and adoption.

Staying Sane in the Web3 Space

The panelists share their strategies for maintaining sanity in the fast-paced web3 industry. One tip is to embrace the inevitability of missing out on opportunities and not dwell on it. Another panelist emphasizes the importance of taking breaks and setting boundaries to avoid burnout. They also discuss the challenges and rewards of being early adopters in the blockchain space and the value of sharing knowledge and experiences with the community.


The panel concludes with a reflection on purpose and the ongoing evolution of the web3 ecosystem. They express optimism about the future of web3 and the potential for solving real-world problems and improving people’s lives. They encourage builders in the Celo ecosystem to focus on application-specific solutions and continue pushing the boundaries of innovation.