Zero to Market Taking Your Project From Ideation to the Hands of Users

Introduction and Opening Remarks

The transcript begins with an introduction by an individual named Jerrell, who is part of a hackathon. He welcomes the participants and mentions that the session will cover the journey of taking a project from ideation to market. The recording will be available on their YouTube channel, and participants are encouraged to ask questions in the chat.

Introducing Denise and Her Role

Jerrell then introduces Denise, a member of the Celo team, who will be leading the conversation. Denise briefly introduces herself as someone working on the end user experience at Celo, specifically focusing on the product called Valora.

Overview of Valora

Denise provides a quick overview of Valora, explaining that it is a mobile application built on Celo’s blockchain. Valora enables users to send Celo Dollars (a type of cryptocurrency) to others using just their phone numbers. The goal is to make sending money as easy as sending a text message, leveraging Celo’s blockchain features for fast and low-cost transactions.

Personal Experience and Market Fit

Jerrell acknowledges that Denise understood the market well, mentioning that she used Valora to send money to her friend in another country, simplifying the process compared to traditional methods like wire transfers. Denise emphasizes that Valora aims to provide an easy way for users to access and use their funds globally, aligning with the concept of sending money anywhere in the world.

User Research and Impact

Denise explains that Valora is a product of extensive user research conducted by the Celo team in various countries, including Colombia, Venezuela, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Kenya. The team aimed to understand different cultural nuances and local perspectives on internal money remittance services. This research influenced the specific features and blockchain capabilities incorporated into Valora.

Prioritizing Impact and User Education

The conversation shifts to discussing the importance of impact and user education. Denise highlights the significance of considering the impact of features on both a global and local scale. User feedback plays a crucial role, with the team continuously testing new features and involving Celo team members in the testing process. Education is critical, especially in emerging markets where access to crypto and understanding its benefits can be challenging.

Global Perspective and Diverse Team

Jerrell and Denise discuss the value of having a global perspective when developing ideas. Denise emphasizes the benefits of having a diverse team with members from various regions, enabling a broader range of perspectives and considerations. They stress the importance of thinking about internationalization early in the design process and incorporating feedback from target user communities.

Conclusion and Appreciation

The conversation concludes with both Jerrell and Denise expressing their appreciation for the opportunity to discuss Valora and the journey of taking a project from ideation to market. They encourage participants to continue iterating and exploring new possibilities. The session will be available on their YouTube channel for future reference.

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