Celo Academy Review Standards and Best Practices

I. Introduction

A. Purpose of the Document

This document establishes the standards and best practices for reviewers at Celo Academy to ensure high-quality tutorials are published, maintaining the integrity and educational value of the platform.

B. Intended Audience

This document is specifically intended for reviewers at Celo Academy as they support the review queue.

II. Celo Academy Overview

A. Mission Statement

Celo Academy’s mission is to provide education for developers to build on Celo. It aims to empower developers with the knowledge and skills necessary to innovate and contribute to the Celo ecosystem.

B. Services

Celo Academy offers an array of tutorials and educational content, focusing on developing on the Celo platform. All content is published on Celo Academy after a thorough review process.

III. Objectives

A. Ensure Quality Content

Guarantee that all published tutorials adhere to high standards in terms of accuracy, relevance, and clarity pertinent to dApp development on Celo.

B. Consistency in Reviews

Ensure that reviewers apply consistent evaluation criteria and provide uniform feedback.

C. Effective Feedback

Offer constructive and timely feedback to tutorial creators to facilitate content improvement.

D. Optimize User Experience

Ensure that users find value and utility in the tutorials, contributing to their education in dApp development on Celo.

IV. Roles and Responsibilities

A. Reviewers

Evaluation and Feedback

Reviewers are responsible for evaluating tutorials based on the prescribed content standards. They are expected to provide clear, constructive feedback for improvements when necessary.

Time Management

Reviewers must complete any review they begin within 24 hours. They are expected to have a maximum of three items under the combination of review and publish sections at any given time.

Quality Control

Reviewers must ensure that all tutorials meet the content quality standards before publishing. Quality flags raised during or after publishing will reflect upon both the writer and the reviewer.

Flagging and Reporting

Reviewers should flag any issues or misconduct and report them to the moderators. Continuous disregard for the standards may result in flags against the reviewer.

Adherence to Discourse Server Operations

All operations including review processes, feedback, and communications must be conducted on the Celo Academy Discourse server.

Professional Conduct

Reviewers must conduct themselves professionally, respecting the work of tutorial creators and maintaining the integrity of Celo Academy.

Penalties for Misconduct

  • 1st Flag: Reviewer receives a warning from a moderator.
  • 2nd Flag: Reviewer receives an escalated warning, brought to the attention of an administrator.
  • 3rd Flag: Reviewer is subjected to a 1-week ban from reviewing.
  • 4th Flag: Reviewer is subjected to a 1-month ban from reviewing.
  • 5th Flag: Reviewer is permanently banned from reviewing.

V. Content Quality Checklist

Reviewers must use the following checklist to ensure the quality of content:

  • Code Validation: The tutorial includes functional code snippets, which the reviewer has personally tested on their device.
  • Repository Link: The tutorial provides an accessible link to a well-documented GitHub repository.
  • Language Clarity: The tutorial is free of grammatical errors and uses clear, concise language.
  • Alignment with Original Proposal: The content accurately reflects the original proposal and is relevant to Celo dApp development.
  • Sufficient Content Depth: The tutorial contains at least 1000 words (excluding code) and covers the topic
  • Proper Citations: External sources, libraries, or tools are properly cited, and intellectual property rights are respected.
  • Instructional Effectiveness: The tutorial is instructional with clear explanations, proper thumbnail, and where necessary, employs examples or diagrams for better understanding.

All reviewers are now required to complete this checklist during each review.

How to Complete the Checklist
  • Click Reply to the Tutorial you are reviewing
  • Select Settings > Canned Replies from the post window
  • Search Content Quality Checklist > select the Content Quality Checklist and click the Document Icon :page_facing_up:
  • Post your reply then select each of the checklist items to confirm the status of your review.
  • Once completed move the tutorial to the Publish column

Adding Checklist to a Post

Completed Checklist

Review Celo Sage Guidelines for more information on Best Practices and Standards

VI. Conclusion

A. Summary

Reviewers play a critical role in upholding the quality and educational value of tutorials on Celo Academy. Adherence to these standards and best practices ensures a constructive environment for content creators and a valuable resource for aspiring dApp developers.

B. Contact Information

For any queries or clarifications regarding these standards and best practices, please contact the Celo Academy administrative team at Celo Academy.

VII. Acknowledgement Statement

As a valued reviewer at Celo Academy, we kindly ask you to acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by the guidelines, policies, and procedures outlined in the document above. This is not a legally binding agreement, but a tool to ensure that all reviewers are fully informed and prepared for their roles.


Celo Academy @Reviewer,

We are kindly asking that all reviewers acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agree to abide by the guidelines, policies, and procedures outlined in the Celo Academy Review Standards and Best Practices by Friday July 7th, 2023 to continue with your contributions as a reviewer.

The acknowledgment is available a the bottom of the document provided.

Thank you,
Joe Nyzio
Developer Relations at Celo Academy