Connect to Hosted Nodes

Connect to Hosted Nodes
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Celo offers four networks to cater to a variety of needs: Mainnet, Alfajores Testnet (for developers), Cannoli, and Baklava Testnet. Depending on your requirements, you can host, run, or connect to full nodes on any of these networks to support your projects or businesses. In this guide, we will explore the options available for interacting with Celo nodes, as well as introduce Forno and other hosted node services that can help you get started quickly and efficiently.

Forno: A Convenient Hosted Node Service

Forno, provided by cLabs, is a hosted node service that allows you to interact with the Celo network without running your own node. This service offers a hassle-free solution for developers and businesses who want to connect to the Celo blockchain quickly and focus on building their projects. By using Forno, you can save time, resources, and effort while still benefiting from the power and versatility of the Celo platform.

Alternative Hosted Node Services

In addition to Forno, there are other hosted node services that can help you get started quickly with Celo:

  • Figment Datahub: Figment Datahub offers a simple and reliable way to connect to the Celo network for developers looking for a quick development solution. By utilizing their infrastructure, you can access the Celo blockchain without the need to set up and manage your own nodes.
  • QuickNode: QuickNode is an enterprise-grade node service designed for businesses that require high-performance, reliable, and scalable node infrastructure. This service is particularly suitable for companies seeking to build large-scale applications on the Celo platform.

Conclusion: Harnessing the Power of Celo Nodes with Ease

Whether you choose to host, run, or connect to Celo nodes, there are options available to cater to your specific needs. By utilizing hosted node services such as Forno, Figment Datahub, or QuickNode, you can streamline your development process and focus on what matters most: building innovative projects that leverage the potential of the Celo ecosystem. Explore these services and find the right fit for your projects or businesses, and unlock the full potential of the Celo platform.

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