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Welcome to the ‘Sage Program’ at Celo Academy, a unique initiative created to acknowledge, empower, and engage the most active, knowledgeable, and devoted members of our Celo community. As pillars of our community, Sages are instrumental in shaping the future of the Celo ecosystem.

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Here’s what you can expect from the Sage Program:


The Sage Program identifies and honors the invaluable contributions of our most dedicated members. Being a Sage is a testament to your expertise, commitment, and positive impact within the Celo Academy community.

Leadership Roles

Sages have the opportunity to assume leadership roles within the Celo Academy community. They guide discussions, initiate projects, influence policy, and play a significant role in decision-making processes.

Mentorship Opportunities

As seasoned and respected members of the community, Sages often act as mentors to newer or less experienced members. They share their knowledge, offer guidance, and support others in their learning journey.

Community Impact

Sages have the chance to significantly shape the future of the Celo Academy ecosystem. Their insights, feedback, and innovations play a key role in driving the evolution and growth of Celo.

Exclusive Benefits

As part of their recognition, Sages receive certain exclusive benefits which may include early access to new features, invitations to special events, or other unique opportunities within the Celo ecosystem.


In conclusion, the ‘Sage Program’ is an integral part of Celo Academy’s mission to build an empowered, engaged, and vibrant community. It highlights our commitment to recognizing our members’ efforts and ensuring their contributions have a meaningful impact. If you are a dedicated Celo learner or contributor, the Sage Program could be your pathway to increased leadership, influence, and success within our community. Let’s continue to learn, contribute, and grow together!

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