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The ‘Archived’ section of our proposals is a place where projects that didn’t meet our quality standards, are duplicated, outdated, or otherwise not suitable for publishing, are stored.

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Here is what you can find in this section:

Unpublished Projects

Any project that, for various reasons, wasn’t able to meet the publishing standards is moved to the ‘Archived’ section. These could be due to issues with quality, a lack of updates, or a lack of alignment with current community needs.

Duplicated Projects

In some cases, similar projects may be proposed by different community members. To avoid duplication of efforts, the projects which are identical or very similar to others are archived.

Outdated Projects

As the Celo platform and community evolves, some projects may become outdated or no longer relevant. Such projects find their place in the ‘Archived’ section.

Quality Assurance

The ‘Archived’ section also acts as a form of quality control, ensuring that only the projects that are ready for the broader Celo community are published. This helps maintain the standard of excellence that the Celo community strives for.


The ‘Archived’ section serves as a record and a reminder of the importance of continuous improvement and relevance in the fast-paced world of blockchain technology.

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