Getting started with Celo SDKs and libraries

Getting started with Celo SDKs and libraries
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If you’re ready to dive into the exciting world of Celo development, having a solid grasp of the available SDKs and libraries is crucial. These tools can significantly streamline the development process by providing pre-built functionality that you can easily integrate into your applications. In this post, we’ll explore the various SDKs and libraries available for Celo development, helping you to make an informed decision about which tools best suit your needs and set you up for success.

A Closer look at Celo SDKs and Libraries

Celo boasts a wide array of SDKs and libraries, catering to different development needs and programming languages. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:


CeloSDK is a comprehensive development kit that provides a unified interface to interact with Celo blockchain. It enables you to create, test, and deploy smart contracts, manage accounts, and interact with the Celo network. It’s the foundation upon which other libraries are built, making it a must-have for any Celo developer.


ContractKit is a JavaScript library designed to simplify the process of interacting with Celo core smart contracts and creating custom transactions. With ContractKit, developers can easily manage user accounts, sign transactions, and handle keys. To get started with ContractKit, simply install it using the npm package manager:


React-Celo is a React Native library that brings the power of Celo development to mobile applications. It offers a suite of tools and components that allow developers to build mobile-first Celo applications, leveraging the full capabilities of the Celo platform.


RainbowKit-Celo is a UI component library for building Celo-based decentralized applications (dApps) with ease. It provides a set of reusable components that can be easily customized to match your application’s design and requirements.


The iOS-SDK brings Celo functionality to iOS developers, allowing them to build native applications that interact with the Celo blockchain. This SDK provides a simple interface for managing accounts, signing transactions, and querying the Celo network.


The Java-SDK is designed for Java developers who want to build Celo applications. This SDK provides a rich set of tools and utilities to interact with the Celo network, allowing Java developers to create, test, and deploy smart contracts with ease.

Python SDK

The Python SDK caters to Python developers looking to build Celo applications. With this SDK, Python developers can easily interact with the Celo network, manage accounts, and create custom transactions.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right SDKs and Libraries for Your Celo Development

Understanding the various SDKs and libraries available for Celo development is essential to streamline your development process and build powerful applications on the Celo platform. By selecting the right tools for your needs, you’ll be well-equipped to harness the full potential of Celo and create innovative solutions that can make a real difference in the world of blockchain and beyond. Happy coding