Getting Started with In Progress


The ‘In Progress’ section is a real-time showcase of the active efforts within the Celo community to expand and enhance our platform. This section aims to promote transparency, facilitate collaboration, and prevent duplicative work.

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Here’s what you can anticipate in this section:

Real-Time Updates

The ‘In Progress’ section displays projects currently under development. As community members embark on new projects, this section will continuously update to reflect the dynamic nature of the Celo community’s work.

Tracking Active Development

The projects listed in this section are all in active stages of execution. This allows you to track the development process, understand the work being done, and see the progression towards the project’s objectives.


By showcasing projects currently being worked on, we maintain an open environment. This visibility fosters a sense of community, trust, and encourages collaboration by letting everyone see what’s happening.

Preventing Duplication

The ‘In Progress’ section helps prevent overlapping efforts by offering a clear view of what is currently being worked on. This clarity can guide community members when choosing their next projects or identifying areas where they can contribute.


The ‘In Progress’ section also provides an opportunity to engage with ongoing projects. Whether you’re looking to provide support, ask questions, or offer suggestions, this section is the perfect place to interact.


The ‘In Progress’ section is a vital part of our community’s drive towards continuous growth and improvement. It serves as a testament to the active participation and diverse projects that bring the Celo ecosystem to life.

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